Lawrence Dennis To The Rescue!

<img In 1932 at the deepest point of the Great Depression, American Nationalist thinker Lawrence Dennis, in his book IS CAPITALISM DOOMED?, made this basic point: He att acked the policy of allowing investment bankers to determine the use & allocation of Capital.

His warnings were not heeded. In this second Depression, we can see the fruits of what he warned us about. The bulk of our industrial plant has been shipped to Asia. That's reason for high & protracted unemployment. When the economy is stimulated, the effect is found overseas, not here at home. This also entails the loss of our tax base. Little wonder that government at all levels, federal, state & local, is having trouble baying its bills.

Yet nobody is talking about this. Certainly not Obama. But, also, none of the Republicans are addressing this, not even Ron Paul.

Yet this self-destructive policy continues the destruction of the public welfare of the country. No Communist invasion could ever have done this much damage. Just think of the term 'Rust Belt.' That's the 'Arsenal of Democracy being put to waste through abandonment.

We must start by nationalizing the Fed and the banks. Anything short of this will be like pissing in the wind. You get your face wet but not much else.

If it takes revolution, so be be it.

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Back to America First!

The policy of America First! goes back to President George Washington, see his Farewell Address. Yet it’s been lost in the post-World War II era. But with the American Empire over-extended & bankrupt, we need to return to our roots for sheer survival.

To see the progressive & populist roots of America First!, look at the political career of Senator Burton K Wheeler. He was the running mate of Fighting Bob LaFollette on the 1924 Progressive Party ticket. Wheeler’s political career was destroyed by his leadership role in the America First Committee and opposition to the Second World War.

A good overview of Wheeler’s stance is found in Bill Kauffman’s excellent 1995 book, AMERICA FIRST! We summarize Kauffman:

The matters that occupied Burton K Wheeler throughout his career:

Halting our slide into militarism
Dismantling the Empire
Busting monopolies
Preserving small-scale exchange & locally-owned businesses
Effecting a more equitable distribution of land & wealth without resorting to socialist tyranny
Zealously guard our sovereignty against internationalist schemes
Defending rights of speakers to unpopular views
Challenging the Party Line as promulgated by the Executive and his de facto press against Big Media

Sam Francis would add: Put an America First! bumper sticker on your car.

American Empire in Decay

To take a leaf from Gore Vidal: Since spades may not be called spades in freedom’s land, let me spell it out. This I’ll do by quoting Thomas Chittum’s introduction to the Russian edition of his book CIVIL WAR TWO back in 2008:

“Americans are so stupid they can’t remember anything longer than what you can put on a bumper sticker. ‘Save the Whales,’ ‘I Got Mine,’ ‘Nuke Iran,’ ‘I Love My Pet Hamster.’ Stupidity is the only thing that unites so-called Americans. Without our own common trait of stupidity Americans have no basis for a common identity whatsoever. The Establishment arranges these bumpersticker slogans into an infinite variety of combinations which they then sell back to the ravenous peasants in the form of movies, political parties, cults, lifestyles, TV programs, and even religions.

“All the previously mentioned garbage is paid for by a world-wide campaign of butchery and looting.”

Here comes the rub. According to Chittum:

“Unfortunately for America, the military expense of plundering foreigners is getting to be more than the market value of the loot.”

The New Dealers conceived the American Empire as resting on 2 pillars: the National Security State and the Welfare State. But the Empire is broke and can no longer afford both. THAT is the REAL reason behind the assault on Social Security & Medicare.

The rise of conservatism after the Sixties wasn’t a reaction to Middle America watching drug-addled hippies romping in the mud at Woodstock. Rather, corporate profits in the 1970s were half of what they were in the 1960s. Hence the assault on labor, what a UAW leader called ‘a one-sided Class War.’ So-called ‘social conservatism’ ala the Moral Majority’ was just a veil of mystification to hide what actually going on. Conservatives joined liberals in promoting the Dumbing Down of America. It worked. Too many Americans are just plain stupid.

Now it’s all in decay and starting to unravel. The Oligarchy is expecting violence and has the Police State all ready to go.

Saddle up for a rough ride.

Tea Party Nixes Liberty

After its capture by Neo Cons, any pretense that the new & revamped Tea Party still stood for liberty was nixed on July 16, 2010 when Michele Bachmann proclaimed the formation of the House Tea Party Caucus with herself as Chair. And she was allowed to get away with it!

Never in her fetid political career has she ever campaigned for liberty except for freedom of maneuver for the Plutocracy. Instead her schtick has always been social conservativism since her rise in local Stillwater-area politics in the 1980s. What Bachmann calls ‘social conservatism’ should not be confused with Traditionalism, which I tend to favor up to a point. No. Bachmann’s ersatz ‘social conservatism’ involves using the full force of government to police the morals of the rest of us.

Policing morals is her thing. Thus you find her on the political stump somewhat at sea when discussing economics. Ron Paul is probably over her head.

And she’s not the only one. In 2010, Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle secured the GOP nomination for Senate from Nevada. A Baptist teetotaler, Angle advocated the prohibition of booze once again by the government. The policing of morals was extended to taking away people’s six packs.

It doesn’t end there. Also in 2010, another Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell won the Republican Senatorial nomination in Delaware. One of her big things was masturbation; she was forcefully against it. How she would outlaw it, she didn’t say. Perhaps the police searching for six packs could also check for hairy palms.

The moral of our story? Beware of crusades based in the Sour Puss section of the population.

Iowa Is The Wasteland 2012

A leftist blog just put out this amusing take on the 2012 Iowa Caucus. I present for your enlightenment and entertainment.

The Wasteland is Iowa, and the battle is over which sect controls the Republican Party.

The Jesus-Hitler-Stalin mind control cult, which is the big player behind the Religious Right, and the New Apostolic Reformation seem to be backing Gingrich (they wanted Rick Perry, but the moron can’t even remember his lines).

Joseph Smith’s mind control cult, the Mormons, are behind Romney, who is exploiting the total failure of the Protestants to find an electable candidate. Romney also seems to have all the big Banksters and the Neo-Cons behind him. He is also the only remotely electable candidate.

This is a BIG PROBLEM for the Evangelicals, since from their perspective a Mormon is even worse than a Muslim, since they pretend to be “real” Christians. Expect to see serious hellfire break out on this one.

Anders Behring Breivik & the Blowback in Norway

Bourgeois mountebank and murderer Anders Behring Breivik is the man of the hour. As the most self-involved narcissist this side of Paris Hilton, he must be creaming in his pants. Since friends since childhood said he never had a girlfriend EVER and he claimed to be not gay, this may be his only sexual relief.

If this is the case, then Breivik is walking, breathing proof of the theories of Wilhelm Reich. Reich preached that neurosis and misery were the fruits of sexual repression. This is Breivik in a nutshell. His stated beliefs are so much bull. They are not the catalyst for his murderous rampage but the excuse.

The target of his rage, youth of the social democratic Norwegian Labor Party, is odd. I say odd because in his manifesto, Breivik embraced the NeoCon vision of the world in conflict. This is also the CIA viewpoint. And the Norwegian Labor Party is part of the Second or Socialist International which has been under the thumb of the CIA since the Second World War. Good social democrats like the Labor Party were expected to be stalwarts in the Western or Capitalist Camp against the Communist Camp or Socialist Bloc. And they were.

Breivik hated multiculturalism. But who’s responsible. Americans, thanks to Pat Buchanan and others, think it’s  a concept developed by Jewish perverts of the Frankfurt School, masquerading as Marxists. But paleo-conservative historian Paul Gottfried in his excellent book, THE STRANGE DEATH OF MARXISM,  proved that multiculturalism and the resulting Cult of Political Correctness were imports from the USA TO Europe.

That’s right. Had the Soviets occupied Norway and the rest of Western Europe, there’d be no mass immigration and hence no multiculturalism and PC. Frankfurt School types would be put in labor camps. Loudmouth Imams would be shot and their mosques dynamited. Of course, this is Stalinism and Breivik as a good NeoCon is anti-communist.

And where did the mass immigration come from? It was no pipe dream of social democrats turned into reality. Rather, it was good old-fashioned capitalists and their Bankster masters who pulled this off. After the oil shock caused by the Yom Kippur War of 1973 which led to a petroleum boycott against the West, the EU promised the bourgeois Arab regimes that if you ship us oil, we’ll also take your surplus people. That’s the long and the short of the Muslim invasion of Europe. The Norwegian Labor Party and its youth had very little to with it. Yet they were the targets of Breivik.

Some Rightists with the brains of a Glenn Beck cheered on Breivik’s slaughter of the Labor Party Youth because they were “the future ruling elite of the liberal/multicultural state.” Bullshit! Social democrats like Labor Party are NEVER the ruling elite. They are, as the old-time Communists put it, Labor Lieutenants of Capital. They don’t rule. Rather, they manage the Bourgeois State for those who own it. That’s their historical function.

Breivik picked the wrong target. He had shit for brains. And didn’t have the balls to bomb a Rothschild bank Or, go gunning for the REAL ruling elite in Norway.