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Orthodox Yockeyism

To clear up some confusion amongst Legionaires in Service of the West and Partisans of Francis Parker Yockey, this is a quick summary of what Orthodox Yockeyism is:

Rule of the Culture Distorters, who had taken power in the USA in Roosevelt’s New Deal, posed a greater threat to Europe than the Soviet Union, which was merely a peasant-barbaric society.

If the Soviet Union conquered Europe, it would be Europeanized in the same way so many barbaric conquerors (e.g. the Mongols) had been culturally absorbed in the past by peoples they had conquered.

The USA, on the other hand, had in Europe a stratum of willing traitors, the churchills, degaulles, adenauers,et al, who were willing to be flunkies of American domination.

Whether by sparking a European uprising against Soviet domination or by absorbing the Soviet bloc into a European super-state organized along the lines of Authoritarian Socialism, the Prussian-Ethical Future, Soviet control of Europe was preferable to the ongoing rule of the pro-American stratum of traitors.


Culturally-based rather than biological theory of race.

Rejection of narrow nationalism for a European super-state conceived along the lines of Carl Schmitt’s Grossraumordnung (extra-territorial order).

And a pro-Soviet, pro-Third Worldist tilt against US world hegemony.

Anti-Univeralism: Cultures do not interpenetrate. Jews & blacks are not part of the West because they are bearers of other cultures.


About mauryk2

Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

6 responses to “Orthodox Yockeyism

  1. fnn ⋅

    If blacks -at least American blacks- are “bearers of other cultures” it must be for biological reasons.

  2. mauryk2 ⋅

    Like Yockey, Evola, Spengler and AK Chesterton, I reject biological racism.

  3. amspirnational ⋅

    This still perhaps leaves the question of what force orthodox Yockeyites should or do support today.
    Dugin. Quitle possibly.
    Limonov. Not so sure anymore.
    The National Bolshevik Front? More likely.
    National Anarchism in places?

    Yockey of course did not view all “spiritual races” as equal
    and referred to some stock as having primitive souls, in effect being outside History, at least thus far.

    Your comments are welcomed.

  4. Yockey, Evola, Spengler and AK Chesterton never got to live around the emancipated Africanized-American Negro. Have you Maury?

    • mauryk2 ⋅

      I lived in a black ghetto 10 years. Didn’t improve my appreciation of them, no. But I continue to oppose biological racism or, the vertical race doctrine, if you were. Klasse vor rasse!

  5. amspirnational ⋅

    According to Dreamer of the Day, Yockey was victimized by black violence in his youth.

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