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Francis Parker Yockey & Revolutionary Nationalism

In a new hardbound edition of Francis Parker Yockey’s PROCLAMATION OF LONDON, Dr Michael O’Meara in his introduction relates how much of Revolutionary Nationalism is derived from Yockey.

Now, while Yockey had dedicated IMPERIUM to the ‘Hero of the Second World War–i.e. Hitler–in practice after the war he was moving to a Strasserist position. One could also say it was akin to the policy/practice of the Waffen SS during the War. (This was over the head of a clownish ‘Nazi’ like George Lincoln Rockwell, dubbed by O’Meara as a Quixotic fossil.)

Rockwell basically believed if one were a consistent conservative Republican, you’d end up as a ‘National Socialist’! This gibberish passes for wisdom in brain dead WN circles.
For example, in 2000 the Militia of Montana endorsed George W Bush as the ‘white man’s candidate’!

By way of contrast, Yockey was a consistent Revolutionary Fascist.. Dr O’Meara defines Fascism of the Left as follows:

anti-colonial (i.e. anti-US/Israel/Islam).

In Dr O’Meara’s words: This is what the French call Revolutionary Nationalism. I would add that we Legionaires in Service of the West struggling in North America should adopt this terminology.

I conclude with 2 key paragraph’s from Dr O’Meara:

“(Yockey’s) pro-Stalinism devils American ‘conservatives’ dumbed-down by anti-communism and unconscious (or indifferent to) the anti-European policies pursued by USA during the Cold War (and to this day).

“While Stalin was combating rootless cosmopolitanism & Zionism in the Soviet Union, the US Right (from the Republican Party to Rockwell’s ‘Nazis’) was distinguishing itself by promoting the international ‘anti-communist’ struggle launched by the recently consolidated ‘military-industrial complex’ but also (tacitly) supporting the ensuing ‘cultural revolution’–‘this plague of pleasure’–accompanying the Cold War against the one world power refusing to submit to US domination.”


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