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Lars von Trier As Prophet?

Kevin Coogan, best known for his book DREAMER OF THE DAY, FRANCIS PARKER YOCKEY AND THE POSTWAR FASCIST INTERNATIONAL, penned a slam against the Workers World Party and its importance in anti-war coalitions. In doing so, he let the cat out of the bag concerning the mindset of the Official American Left. He wrote as follows:

“The WWP . . . a quirky Left sect whose weirdly messianic ideology combined the worst aspects of Trotskyism, Maoism and Stalinism into a unique and utterly foul brew.

“That a bizarre outfit like the WWP could become a serious player in American left-wing radicalism in the year 2001 is above all a testament to the existing ideological, intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the broader Left, which still insists on living in a decrepit fantasy world where criminals are good, the police are evil, blacks are noble, whites are all racist, heterosexual men are sexist, all women are victims . . .”

While I don’t agree with the proto-social democratic POV of Coogan, he hit the nail on the head concerning self-hatred being the motivating force of the Official Left. That’s also why this ersatz Left has zero working-class support.

But as perceptive as Coogan can sometimes be–his study of Yockey is awfully good–he’s blind to the drift towards a racial civil war in the USA. To zero in on this, we must turn to an unlikely source, the avant-garde Danish film maker Lars von Trier.

I’m speaking of von Trier’s 2005 film “Manderlay” which was a box office bomb. Made for over $14 million dollars–most of it EU subsidies–it grossed under $700 thousand in the USA. The film–which I didn’t like–poses as a typically repellent ‘anti-racist’ movie. There’s a scene where a naked and pale white Bryce Dallas Howard has sex with a black guy which is all but rape.

Under the guise of putting majority Americans through hell and force-feeding a civics lesson, the film asks provocative questions. Taking place on an Alabama plantation 70 years after the Civil War, it explores whether democracy can be forced on those who never made a decision for themselves. In doing so, it asks whether black Alabamans were better off under slavery.

Left journalist Mark Perandon said this about the film:

“As the Second Civil War nears, the body politic should be embarrassed that they’ve left it to a Danish fascist to hold a mirror up to the ruling junta’s indiscretions.”

The point is this. We’re on the nigh of the break-up of the US Empire. The Official Left is blind and simply acts as Multicultural Enforcer for the Global Financial Elite. The Tea Party is just as blind in its fervor to try to turn the USA into a Norman Rockwell painting. In the meantime, Civil war Two approaches.


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2 responses to “Lars von Trier As Prophet?

  1. Rather than “turning to Danish fascists” how about the HBO comedy [!] actually called The Second Civil War? Made in 1997 and amazingly prophetic [Lewinsky, Bush, Powell, Mexican reconqusita, Palin, etc.]

    So un-PC that you can get it for 0.01 at Amazon, but most of the 17 reviews are positive. Actually, it is pretty good, for a made-for-cable movie.

  2. I like what you guys are up too. Such intelligent work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my site :).

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