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Ayn Rand versus Che–Is There A Choice?

In the USA, the primitive (and limited) opposition to the Obama Regime comes from the reactionary Right. This is remarkable since the Obama Regime adopted in total the general line of the Bush-Cheney Junta. Just a change in rhetoric plus a little black face make-up.

What passes for hip & cool in the Tea Party rallies staged for FOX is someone holding up a sign saying, “I am John Galt.” Galt is a fictional character from Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel ATLAS SHRUGGED. Rand is thus posed as the alternative to the disintegrating status quo.

Across town at some college campus, there is probably somebody in the poise of another alternative. I’m speaking of a white, middle-class kid wearing a Che Guevara tee shirt.

While the mainstream media avoids substantive discussion and increasingly involves itself with celebrity gossip, Che vs Ayn Rand seems to be the discussion at the margins. At first blush, it doesn’t seem to be much of a contest. Except in the drug-addled mind of Glenn Beck, the Left really doesn’t amount to much in the USA. Ayn Rand probably has a hundred thousand followers for everyone of Che or Trotsky.

If the disillusioned American public is sick of hypocrisy, then Che would win hands down. After all, he died fighting for his beliefs while Rand signed up for Social Security & Medicare to get government money to fight her cancer.

Still, in the language of tennis, one would have to say “Advantage Ayn Rand!”

We’re living in an Ayn Rand world almost. One delightful blogger put an irreverent spin on it.

Digby points out that the Obama Regime is making a peace offering to the vile Chamber of Commerce. This with his deficit reduction cat food commission and embrace of Bush tax cuts for the rich, points the direction where we’re all headed in this mad lemming-like escapade.

This all started when Clinton carried the torch passed from Reagan and the first Bush and went all gung ho for economic deregulation, NAFTA & GATT which then had the torch passed to the second Bush who enacted tax cuts for the rich. All of this served to create the great bubble illusion of prosperity. Then, predictably, it all crashed in an exact replicate of 1929.

So then the battered masses voted for Obama, hoping for a second FDR. What they got instead was a Harding, Coolidge & Hoover retread rolled up into a gigantic exploding cigar.

Now, shades of Ayn Rand, Obama and the Republicans seem to be banking (literally) on one more crank of deal with the devil/corporatist economic policy and privatizing social security will be the last easy ox to gore. Then, as the last drop of wealth drags its weary ass on up to Wall Street, the economy will probably exhale a tiny little fart of relief.

The President will proclaim victory and the American dream will continue for another minute or so.

Yet, Che won’t get a hearing because of Zombie-Consumerist fears of empty shelves at the shopping malls. And, to be frank, such dread has the ring of truth about it.

Between a rock and a hard place.


There is REAL ALTERNATIVE called the THIRD POSITION. Anti-Communist yet opposed to predatory laissez-faire capitalism. It distinguishes between industrial capital which is productive and finance-capital which is parasitic. Its heroes & champions are home-grown like Huey Long and Father Coughlin, as are its intellectuals like Lawrence Dennis and Francis Parker Yockey.

We’ll be exploring more of the Third Position.


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