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Tea Party and the Irish Crisis

What does the Tea Party movement, the officially-sanctioned, ersatz opposition in the USA have to say about the Irish crisis? This is the crisis whereby the IMF–read Global Financial Elite–is imposing ‘austerity’–read Great Depression conditions–on the Irish people to bail-out 6 big Zombie banks in the Republic of Ireland. What does the Tea Party have to say? This is one of the defining moments of our time. As the wag says, the silence is deafening. The Tea Party has nothing to say.

The Irish, along with the Germans, are the ancestral base of the European majority in America. Yet there is silence. If it were the Israelis being crushed by the International Banksters, you better believe there’d be one hell of a hue-and-cry. But it is the Irish. Ireland is being hurled back to its historical status as an English-speaking Third World country. (Britsih imperialism sure did a job on Ireland.)

So what happened? Ireland in the 1970s became a target of international investment. The combination of historically low wages, an English-speaking and educated population and membership in the EU was too hard to resist. All kinds of plants were built. (My HP printer cartridges all seem to be built either in Ireland or Malaysia.) Then came the inevitable housing and construction bubble. When it popped, the Global Financial Elite pulled more than 20% of the funds from the major Irish banks. That left them insolvent–Zombie Banks, if you were–hence the crisis.

Like with TARP in the USA, the real villains of the piece are being bailed out. We could go on but you know the picture.

Back to the beginning: Why the silence from the Tea Party? Because they are owned lock, stock & barrel by the Neocons who are the outriders for the Global Financial Elite. This also explains why the Israelis will never be victimized by these same Banksters.

What’s happening to Ireland will soon be happening in America. Already the Obama Regime, in league with the Republicans in Congress, has a deficit commission which is really a committee of 100 millionaires. Their eyes are set on Social Security.

Do I hear Mass Strike?


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