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Francis Parker Yockey vs the Bar Room Brawl School of Organizing

Francis Parker Yockey died in 1960, virtually unknown in his own country even among the Far Right. However, in 1962, with funding from an eccentric free thought paper with Far Right views, W.A. Carto arranged for a new printing of Yockey’s magnum opus IMPERIUM. This made IMPERIUM available to a wider audience for the first time.

Yet the initial impact was underwhelming. Partly this was because Yockey had made some real departures from conventional rightist practice. But mostly it was because too many people on the American Far Right were, to put it bluntly, fucking stupid!

The conventional modus operandi of the Far Right in the Sixties was to ape the comic opera ‘American Nazi Party’ of George Lincoln Rockwell. Since these groups had hardly any members, they’d picket left-wing meetings, events, liberal movies, et al wearing sandwich boards. They’d hand out inflammatory leaflets such as the famous one from the TRUTH SEEKER headlined “Uncle Sam, Black Bastard Breeder Supreme!” The aim was to cause arguments, even minor scuffles, and hope for publicity the next day in the mainstream media. Of course, the best they could hope for would be one or two recruits just like themselves.

Sometimes things got carried away, with the authorities coming down with a heavy hand. In July of 1963 in New York, the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) was picketing a White Castle, claiming discrimination in hiring. Rounding up a half-dozen people, the National Renaissance Party decided to counter-picket. Dressed in uniforms of the NRP’s Security Echelon, they carried signs taunting ‘niggers’ and ‘coons.’ Outnumbered, the NRP militants were driven off. But the police went after them. In one pickup was found a gun and racist literature. They were changed with conspiracy to cause a riot. The Leader of the National Renaissance Party, James Madole wasn’t present. But the NYPD knew who he was and where he lived. They went to his Yockville apartment and arrested him as well.

The book was thrown at Madole and he received 2 years on the conspiracy charge. It was later reduced on appeal but Madole still did some months’ hard time in Sing Sing. The others received lesser sentences.

This caused the National Renaissance Party to back off from these kind of actions. By the 1970s, Madole was more interested in the occult.

Some grouplets still use this style of organizing. How often do we read of say the National Socialist Movement or some Klan faction, maybe a half dozen strong, being protected by a hundred police against 300-500 counter-demonstrators. Again, the ‘best’ that one can  hope for is one or two like-minded recruits.

I call this the  Bar Room Brawl School of Organizing. It is an adaptation of the Far Left model of inducing change that will percolate from the bottom up. It’s also a misreading of the National Socialist experience in Germany. It acts on the belief that the brawls will keep getting bigger and bigger. Then hopefully a new breed of storm troopers will capture the streets. Then onward and upward.

But in the spring of 1945, some German POWS, who were NSDAP members, being held by the British, debated how to re-start the movement. Their starting point? The era of mass politics was over. The road to power would consist of infiltrating the State.

About the same time, this became the strategy of the Ba’ath in Syria. The Ba’ath was always a conspiratorial organization rather than a mass movement. The mass mobilizations would occur AFTER the revolution.

In a way, this was the intent of Robert DePugh’s The Minutemen. Before they were smashed due some careless mistakes caused by recruiting idiots. they even started organizing the Patriotic Party. This relationship would be akin to that of Sinn Fein and Irish Republican Party. This is also closer to the intent of Francis Parker Yockey.

In founding the European Liberation Front in 1949, Yockey wrote this:

No mass movement possible at this time.

Create elite nucleus in each of the lands of the western Imperium.

Founding an Order,
secret of necessity,
of the Elite of our Ideal,
within the Imperium,
to secure adherence of highly-placed people
in all Western lands.



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2 responses to “Francis Parker Yockey vs the Bar Room Brawl School of Organizing

  1. A truly great Man, whose unfinished Ideology was never taken up in all these years since he was murdered.
    Our Imperium Europa book carries on where FPY left off.
    And now: The Imperian Manifesto explains in detail the mechanics of the IDEA of Imperium.

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