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Tea Party Craps Out on Immigration

The decaying, fraying Official Left keeps debating whether the Tea Party movement is racist or not. The litmus test, apparently, rests on two attitudes: How much one loves Muslims and how one feels about illegal immigration. We’ll tackle the latter subject.

To be sure, the denizens of the Tea Party seem to have moved from ‘fiscal conservatism’ to immigration. But why is this concern racist? See how Mexico and South Africa treat their illegals.

Anyway, the Tea Party movement is a Johnny-come-lately to the whole immigration debate. The first stirrings in the late 1990s came from the progressive side of the ledger. Large chunks of the Sierra Club were concerned that too many immigrants–both legal and illegal–would permanently damage the US environment. They were guilt-tripped by the professional ‘anti-racism’ crowd and scorned by both the Wall Street Journal and the Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, the Tea Party has evolved into the Republican Party in drag. This crowd’s collective lips were sealed shut during the 8 years of the the Bush-Cheney Junta. And they would have continued backing the Junta even if Dick Cheney had shot Dakota Fanning instead of a Texas fat cat as drunk as he was.

This Blog has stated repeatedly that we don’t feel the Tea Party is serious about illegal immigration. They have no program save having more states ape Arizona’s symbolic law. Well, kiss my ass and call me shorty.

A serious approach to sealing the border with Mexico means pulling an Army division out of Iraq and sending it to the border, period. But you can’t stop there. You have to jail and confiscate the wealth of those hiring illegals. If Fox News and the Wall Street Journal continue their opposition to effective border enforcement, then try Rupert Murdoch for treason. If the Chamber of Commerce continue their wrecking policies, sic the RICO laws on them.

The Tea Party is NOT a serious opposition to the System.


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