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The National Bolshevik Party & The Borderers

If there is to be a successful attempt to rebuild the National Bolshevik Party USA, the ethnic group on which it’s initially built will have to be the Scots Irish, also known as Ulster Scots and Borderers. The Scots Irish are the largest ethnic group in the USA not recognized by the powers that be. One third of Americans have some Scots Irish blood.

They can be traced to Celtic cattle thieves along Hadrian’s Wall, built by the Romans to keep the Picts out of Roman Britain. Protestant by religion and war-loving, they were sent by the British crown to Ireland. There they were known as Ulster Scots.

The Borderers began making their way to the American colonies early in the 18th century. First going to New England because they shared the Calvinism of the Puritans. This did not go well as the Borderers scandalized the followers of Cotton Mather by drinking in church, among other things.

They then moved to another borderland, this time the frontier of British North American holdings in Pennsylvania. The Borderers promptly did what was forbidden by King George II. They settled west of the Allegheny Mountains, killed Indians and tilled the soil.

They also settled along much of the Appalachian hill country. That’s where they found affordable land. And they wanted nothing to do with the low country (or Tidewater) society being built by English settlers and African slaves.

During the Civil War, Unionism (as in support for the federal union and opposition to the treason of secession) ran strong through the Appalachian upcountry, even in to Deep South states like Alabama and Mississippi.

Yet they were also hostile to blacks. Borderer strongholds like West Virginia and Kentucky were as segregated under Jim Crow as were the states of the former Confederacy.

Jim Webb, the Vietnam war hero and writer–now Senator from Virginia–who is of Scots Irish descent, praised his forbears in his 2004 book, BORN FIGHTING: HOW THE SCOTS-IRISH SHAPED AMERICA. Quoting from his book:

“This people gave our country great things. It’s bloodlines have flowed in the veins of at least a dozen presidents, and in many of our greatest soldiers. It created and still perpetuates the most distinctly form of American music. It is imbued with a unique and unforgiving code of personal honor, less ritualized but every bit as powerful as the samurai code. It’s legacy is broad, in many ways defining the attitudes and values of the military, of working-class America, and even of the peculiarly populist form of American democracy itself.”

Joe Bageant in his recent book, DEER HUNTING WITH JESUS, subtitled DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA’S CLASS WAR, has a delightful but more cynical take on the Borderers. His view is summarized as follows:

“The Scots-Irish working-class culture’s take on the world is that it was always a tough place and is getting tougher. For the guy or gal who installs your phone line or stocks the produce shelves at your upscale grocery store, it often comes down to this: Drink, pray, fight and fuck. Kill the bad guys. Life ain’t really that complicated, folks. Quit whining. Kill the bastards if that’s what it takes. Or even if it doesn’t, it’ll make them think.”

Borderers have been in the vanguard of American nationalism. They also have been the backbone of the American military. That’s why they’re so vital to the National Bolshevik project.

This writer is one fourth Norwegian and three fourths Scots-Irish. I am a Borderer!


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