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What Was Pat Buchanan Smoking?

Pat Buchanan’s most recent column–9/8/10–waxes poetically on how John McCain took a sharp turn to the Right to fend off a Republican Primary challenge from J.D. Hayworth. McCain now will coast to re-election. The Democrats will run only a token campaign against him. Their only chance would have come if Hayworth, a Neanderthal Republican, had defeated McCain.

Here comes the kicker. Buchanan writes as follows:

“Had McCain led the battle for border security in 2008, conceded that NAFTA had not worked, called for its renegotiation and an industrial policy to create manufacturing jobs in America, and taken Obama apart as a man of the radical left, comfortable in the church of a racist preacher, McCain would have been leading the country this year, not fighting to save his Senate seat.”

What has our Pat Buchanan been smoking?

John McCain is an Establishment, Country Club Republican committed to Open Borders and Free Trade. The Neanderthal Republicans, who dominate the Arizona GOP, certainly wouldn’t support an Industrial Policy, even though historically that was the original Republican position, something the original GOP inherited from Henry Clay.

The real RINOS are those of the Reagan ilk who turned the historic GOP into its opposite.

Be that as it may, McCain’s vaunted “maverick’ stance–which so irritated the Neanderthal Republicans–only involved a couple issues like campaign finance. That, in turn, was only a maneuver to remove the stain of being one of the Keating Five. McCain was the only Republican and the only one to seek re-election.

Now the Oligarchy which actually runs the country likes flawed candidates. Step out of line and they’ll piss on your leash. That is, they’ll expose your dark secrets and thus destroy you. In Dubya’s case, it was his drug abuse and homosexuality; probably the same with Obama.

In John McCain’s case, he was manufactured as a ‘War Hero’ by the Establishment. Thus when Bill Clinton needed a prop during his announcement of opening diplomatic relations with Vietnam, there was McCain at his side, looking all stoic and grim.

All that is needed to piss on McCain’s leash is de-classify the records of his internment by the North Vietnamese. The dead give away that his time as a POW was less than heroic is that he was not promoted during during his time as a POW. Everyone was, who had a good record.

Anyway, Buchanan was day dreaming that McCain could have been him. Wake up Pat!


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