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Lawrence Dennis in a nut shell.

The best summary of the insights proffered by Lawrence Dennis came in 1993 when Noontide Press reprinted his 1936 classic, THE COMING AMERICAN FASCISM and printed the following blurb on the back cover:

First published in 1936, in the middle of the Roosevelt revolution and five years before the war he predicted to the year, brought about by the economic reasons he alone advanced, THE COMING AMERICAN FASCISM was Lawrence Dennis’ second attempt to explain the nature of capitalism, and warn of the cataclysmic consequences of it.

Who was Lawrence Dennis?
A man who once worked for the Seligman international bankers
and who later came to despise international finance and capitalism
A man who once worked for the US State Department, who was
later charged with sedition.
A man who described “fascism” as inevitable, and yet admired
leading socialists.

In THE COMING AMERICAN FASCISM, Dennis condemns, among other financial evils, the national debt system, which, he observed, was attempting to carry perpetual depression. In 1936 Dennis saw no way out except to adopt some form of state absolutism. He opted for a kind of fascism, referring to it as “the Dictatorship of Economic Necessity,” but pointing out that this would involve nothing more threatening than rigorous planning and a determination of value choices arising from the expression of popular will.

But who today has heard of Lawrence Dennis or his works? Both he and his ideas have long since been consigned to the Memory Hole by a media and academia anxious to ignore or suppress any manifestation of truly independent thought that threatens The Established Order and doesn’t fit within the conventional Left/Right spectrum.

As this book again goes to press in this Noontide reprint edition, America and other capitalist nations are saddled with enormous national debts which promise to continue bankrupting generations to come. What could be more relevant today than a book that deals with what’s been wrong with our economic/financial system for the past 60 years? And who could better write such a book than a once ardent capitalist who awoke to the fact that the system was in crisis, and could never be made to work in anything like its present form?


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