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Ayn Rand vs Francis Parker Yockey

Ayn Rand stood in the tradition of Classical Liberalism and Francis Parker Yockey stood against it. That’s the long and the short of it.

I was never a big fan of her novels though I thought she wrote better sex scenes than Mickey Spillane. As a Partisan of Francis Parker Yockey, I found myself opposed to her ‘stated’ philosophy on almost every point. But when I read Murray Rothbard’s 1972 diatribe against her, “The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult”–available on the Internet–I developed enormous personal sympathy for her, while still disagreeing with her. This was helped along by the fact that I never thought too much of Rothbard. I consider him to be a malignant force, in fact, a Culture Distorter.

From a family that had been cleaned out by the Bolsheviks, she came to this country determined to be anti-Bolshevik in every way. In love with USA after having watched American films back in Russia, she enthusiastically embraced the business boosterism ideology that was dominant in the USA of the Twenties. When it crashed with the Stock Market in 1929, she tried to revive  it with her first writing attempts in the 1930s.

Last fall, Johann Hari in SLATE, wrote this wise summary of her attempt:

“Rand was broken by the Bolsheviks as a girl, and she never left their bootprint behind. She believed her philosophy was Bolshevism’s opposite, when in reality it was its twin. Both she and the Soviets insisted a small revolutionary elite in possession of absolute rationality must seize power and impose its vision on a malleable, imbecilic mass. The only difference was that Lenin thought the parasites to be stomped on were the rich, while Rand thought they were the poor.”

Lawrence Auster, in his Blog “View from the Right”, wrote this:

“I have long said that Rand was a Communist turned inside out, a dictator for individualism.”

For my part, as I stated in a previous Blog, there is this running conflict in Rand, like an open sore, between her public affinity for Classical Liberalism, and her obvious underpinnings in Nietzsche. I mean, how to you square the Cult of the Superman with a stated fealty to the hoary old Constitutional order? The short answer is you can’t.

In the meantime today, you have Randroids spouting ‘libertarianism’ though she was contemptuous of the Libertarian Cult. When you criticize the functioning of Real, Existing Capitalism to a Randroid, they’ll say that’s not ‘real capitalism.’ When you ask what is, they reply about some utopian dribble which you’d expect from a pacifist or religionist.

When they ask me about how I’ll achieve my goals: I reply right to the point: Seize the Capital! Wipe out the Opposition! Start the Purge!

The Randroids–who I feel have little in common with the REAL Ayn Rand–then scurry off, probably to join the cesspool which is the Republican Party.

All of which brings us to Francis Parker Yockey. On June 17, 2010 in San Francisco, at a memorial dinner 50 years after Yockey’s passing, Michael O’Meara made these remarks. We close with excerpts:

“The anniversary of the death of this enigmatic figure–arguably America’s most brilliant anti-liberal thinker–is likely to go unobserved in his native land, for his legacy is still unclaimed.

“Unlike what Evola called the ‘false right,’ whose alleged anti-liberalism derives from essentially liberal premises (constitutionalism, free markets, bourgeois social forms and sentiments, etc.), Yockey’s thought derived from Prussian rather than Anglo-American sources.


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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

2 responses to “Ayn Rand vs Francis Parker Yockey

  1. What an interesting article.
    Ayn Rand does not believe in any of the 5 prerogatives of The Elite within the coming Imperium:
    Spirituality, Race, High Culture, High Politics, Territory.

    However, her view on the other aspects of a Free Market coincides with the Dominium side of Imperium..
    In the Regions of the Imperium, a truly Free Market will reign – with free and fair straight competition amongst Europids.
    Each Region will naturally find its economic niche.

    Perhaps a short quote from my Book:
    Imperium Europa: The Book that changed the world
    will explain things better.

    Apex of Capitalism and Communism

    Two senseless World Wars: instigated, manipulated, and perpetrated by the same international-manipulators, left the Europid bled white. The emerging victorious ideologies were Liberal-Capitalism and Bolshevism, two sides of the same coin. For Liberalism, parliamentary-democracy, socialism, communism and the modern tyranny of plutocratic capitalism – ostensible enemies, have the same matrix, the same goals: anti-Hierarchy, anti-Spiritual.

    For today, Communism and Financial Capitalism meet at their highest point. The apex of Communism today, is nothing else than the multinationals. Huge conglomerates, with a multiracial, unseen, board of directors, more often than not manipulated by one or two of the usual tribe, operating from some unreachable, hidden headquarters. And below them, far, far below them, millions of shareholders, blind as to the operations, the machinations, the goals of their all-powerful, mysterious Moloch. The half-yearly document denoting the dividend keeps the millions of minions contented and quiescent. Today’s multinationals are nothing else but the meeting point, the convergence, the apex of both Communism and Capitalism!

    In the approaching global free market, millions of Whites would go unemployed. Then it would be the turn of the next best paid, and so on until the very bottom of the barrel is reached. Waves of Third Worlders would swarm in and take over our jobs, only to be replaced by even more destitute populations, till the lowest level of wages and salaries would be reached for each category of jobs.

    This is happening everywhere, already. In Assam, India the native population, though one of the poorest in the world is loosing jobs to neighbouring Bangladeshi immigrants. The Indian police do not have the means to track the thousands crossing the frontier every week. Indian capitalists regularly corrupt the police force, which turns a blind eye. Assam Indians, jobless and in desperation, are hacking to death the Muslim intruders by the hundreds. A clear case of ethnic cleansing ignored by the controlled media.

    And in Europe? Look at any high street where the butchers, the bakers, the grocer, the fishmonger, even hardware shops are hard to find. In the country areas bank branches are closing, small manufacturers can no longer compete and they go out of business. Everywhere the original inhabitants are being elbowed out by swarming immigrants, ready to work longer hours at lower wages.


    What is the solution then? What is the solution to the G8, to Globalization? Simple! – The answer is Globalization! But a Globalization with a difference. A Globalization of the Europid Race. A Racial globalization! An IMPERIUM EUROPA on a planetary scale, uniting the four Europid cousins: the Anglo-Saxons, the Teutons, Slavs and Latins.

    An Imperium reserved solely for the Europid – and nobody else! Two White rings will encircle the globe, North and South of the Equator. To the North, the Imperium will stretch from Ireland to Vladivostock. Across the Bering Strait it will join a Nova America, or Vinland compromising Alaska, Canada and a re-dimensioned White USA.

    In the South, the White Man will be the undisputed lord over White Africa, South of the Congo River and the Great Lakes. Australia and New Zealand will become a White continent reserved solely for the Europid. The sub-Amazonian White-cone, as well as the Panama Isthmus and its adjacent territories, will be the White Man’s sole preserve.

    Thus the Europid will control the food growing areas of the planet. This is our ultimate weapon – the White Man’s ability to grow a food surplus. No other race is capable of this. The Imperium will trade food for all it needs from the rest of humanity. We will barter enough food to keep them from starving – nothing else!

    Latin will be our common tongue and capitalism our economic ethos. Capitalism and Racism are not inimical. The former is our creation – we will uphold it amongst ourselves only. We will not trade or transfer our technology, the fruit of the White Man’s genius, outside the Imperium.

    Indeed, we will have a free market throughout the Imperium – with fair, straight competition between productive Europids. Every region will find its niche of productivity, its optimum produce. Productive man will again assume the economic high ground as against the speculative financier. We will go back to basics!

    We will again adopt the Gold Standard – this time on a planetary basis. All Euro issuance will have to be backed by Gold – mined from within the confines of the Imperium – or bartered for food from without. All-White-South-Africa mines and the Urals are more than enough to keep pace with the volume of currency in circulation. The price of gold will automatically and directly relate to the Gold reserves and currency. Inflation would finally cease to plague the European Man.

    We will reduce our income tax to a 10% flat rate for everybody – without distinction as to his wealth. No tax should be more than this. For our so-called progressive taxation penalises the rising entrepreneur. Capital accumulation is impossible for him. Meanwhile the established rich are already there. They do not need to accumulate new capital. What they need is shelter by the tax collector from competition. The established rich in our present system are the staunchest advocates of progressive taxation – for others.

    Tax collection will be used to operate the Imperium: The army, the police, the regional government. It is for these purposes and for very little else, that the Imperium will collect the 10% tax from all. For when a growing percentage of tax collected is used, not to operate the government, but for the express purpose of redistribution of wealth, then that is a flat rejection of the concept of freedom and private property. – We will reduce government to a minimum in the Dominium sphere.

    Socialism as a frame of mind will be finally extirpated. There will be no welfare in the future Imperium, no social benefits, no minimum wage, no children allowance. Nothing, but nothing will be free – except the minds of Man!

    Instead there will be a steady reduction of working hours in preference to wage increases. An ever increase in technology to compensate production. And most important of all: an investment in Lifetime Education of Europid workers, turning them from mere productive citizens to persons! We will finally achieve that most ambitious of all goals: the reversal of productive man: Homo economicus into the complete man, the Super Man!

    Yes! Capitalism in a racial context within an IMPERIUM EUROPA. A Europe not of merchants, bankers and bureaucrats – but an IMPERIUM EUROPA of high, planetary politics and peoples. All the different regions and peoples of the White World. Then we can turn our full attention to harnessing nature and conquering space. We will carry the Imperium to the furthest reaches we can strive for.

  2. Very interesting article and very interesting comment. I have gone from Stalinist to NaziBol, partly due to the influence of Yockey.

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