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Guilt Tripping

Conservative Mark Steyn, in the latest NATIONAL REVIEW, has an interesting take on the the unforeseen consequences of guilt tripping:

“As paradoxical as it sounds, Muslims have been far greater beneficiaries of Holocaust guilt than the Jews. In a nutshell, the Holocaust enabled the Islamization of Europe. Without post-war guilt, and the revulsion against nationalism, and the embrace of multiculturalism and mass immigration, the Continent would never have entertained for a moment the construction of mosques from Dublin to Dusseldorf and the accommodation of Muslim sensitivities on everything from British nursing uniforms to Brussels police doughnut consumption during Ramadan. Holocaust guilt is a cornerstone of the Muslim Europe arising before our eyes.”

The delightful URBAN DICTIONARY has this to say about guilt trips:

A trip you should never take. You should feel guilty when you know you have done something you know is wrong. You should set thing right if you can or at least try to avoid doing the wrong thing again. The main thing is your actions are based on what you think and feel, not on what someone who is trying to manipulate you wants to make you do and think.”

The URBAN DICTIONARY then offers this colloquy:

“You owe me because my ancestors were sold into slavery by white slavers.”

“My people didn’t come here until 1889 so fuck you and your guilt trip.”


“You owe me because of the Holocaust.”

“My grandfather died at D Day, fuck you and your guilt trip.”


“You hurt my feelings so you owe me.”

“Fuck you, I don’t do guilt trips.”


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