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Third Position in Fact & Fancy

National Anarchists battle regular anarchists! Oh, the horrors! This was the gist of a recent contribution to a discussion group for refugees from the Socialist Workers Party. They went on to worry that the Third Position is now a real worry.

These remnants from a rotting Official Left are a little slow on the draw. The ever alert hustlers of the woefully misnamed ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’ have long had the Third Position in their sights. They term the Third Position is a mix of Left & Right “with strong neofascist overtones.” They fret that they’re mixed up with Skinheads. Oh, the horrors!

Wikipedia is more sober:

“Third Position is a revolutionary nationalist political ideology that emphasizes opposition to both communism and capitalism. Advocates of Third Position politics present themselves as ‘neither left nor right,’ instead combining ideas from both. Third Positionists tend to defend the interests of the ‘productive’ working class, seek alliances with separatists of ethnicity other than their own to achieve ‘separate but equal’ ethnic segregation, support national liberation movements in the least developed countries, and have recently embraced neopaganism and environmentalism.

“Scholars, such as Roger Griffin, view Third Positionism as a minor branch of fascism, which rejects both Marxism and liberalism for a form of racial socialism or, more precisely, an ideology which combines a tribal form of racial nationalism with a corporatist, distributist or solidarist economic system. The main precursors of Third Position politics are National Bolshevism, a synthesis of nationalism and communism, and Strasserism, a radical, mass-action and worker-based form of Nazism.”

This is fine as far as it goes. In the USA, Third Positionists work to build a People’s Resistance to the Obama Regime that goes beyond the simplistic verities of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party with their Cult of that old fraud Ronald Reagan.

Our situation today, where the materialist gangsters of High Finance have hi-jacked our future, is similar to the 1930s. Then, the main opposition to FDR and what Ezra Pound called the Nude Eel came not from the Left but from Father Coughlin, Huey Long and Dr. Townsend. In Canada, it was Social Credit.

In the USA, the Goldsborough Money Bill, based on Social Credit, actually passed the House during the worse part of the Depression. Republicans blocked with FDR to beat it in the Senate.

Today the Third Position seeks to build on that same opposition to the Nude Eel and the GOP.


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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

6 responses to “Third Position in Fact & Fancy

  1. mauryk2 ⋅

    The ex-SWP Blog was referring to May Day 2010 in San Francisco where a demo of some size protested the new Arizona law which cracks down on illegal immigrants the way Mexico does in its own country. Counter protesting were 5 members of the Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA). They were attacked by members of the so-called Anarchist Black Bloc. They successfully defended themselves before police intervened, though two BANA members were injured. Two ‘Black Bloc anarchists’ were charged with assault. Those ersatz ‘anarchists’ showed themselves to have a totalitarian mentality that was anything but anarchist.

  2. mauryk2 ⋅

    BANA is part of the broader Third Position tendency. That’s why I joined them in solidarity.

  3. Quagmire

    In their historical referencing they omitted Italian National Syndicalism, which is a rather overlooked part of the same family tree. My own views could be broadly filed under the Third Position banner, even though I lifted my economics straight from Pierre Proudhon and applied them within a nationalist context. The spoilt children who comprise the bulk of the contemporary left-“anarchist” movement merely function as vigilantes against public dissent from PC, like a militant youth division of the SPLC. However, not all anarchists are to be so readil dismissed…are you familiar with the works of Hakim Bey and Bob Black?

    • Yes; well of course Proudhon is often considered a ‘left-anarchist’, but he was a pro-property social individualist and traditionalist, religious conservative. I’ve come to the conclusion that the political spectrum works like this: Third-Position to Bullshit.

  4. mauryk2 ⋅

    I like Hakim Bey’s TAZ

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