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The National Bolshevik Party–Breaking the Circle Jerk

Every great power (and small ones too) should have control of its own border. This, in turn, requires a strong role for the central government. Yet liberals, normally advocates of strong government, are AWOL in this fight. It was a paleoconservative, Pat Buchanan, who suggested that George W Bush could face impeachment for letting in 4 million illegals in just the first two years after 9/11. The liberals were deaf to Buchanan on this. Just as they would be deaf to any calls for Obama’s impeachment over the mis-handling (or non-handling) of BP’s catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf.

The feeble-minded American Right reversed its usual bullshit about ‘limited government’ and called for a strong Federal role to stem in the influx. Yet they are deaf to calls to bring one or two Army divisions home and really seal the border. Likewise, they are deaf to this Blog’s call to jail and confiscate the the wealth of those who hire the illegals. Thus, conservatives IN PRACTICE share the position of the liberals in keeping the borders open and the illegals flowing in. I say this because they oppose EFFECTIVE measures to stop all this crap. As Francis Parker Yockey once said, the American Right is the most stupid in the world.

So this is the conundrum. Bullshit flying but nothing being done. The status quo–the unacceptable status quo–wins by default. Nothing changes IN PRACTICE.

Last January, seeking to break free of the mutual masturbation of the liberal-conservative ‘debate,’ I humbly offered some pointers from the National Bolshevik Party. I re-print that Blog now.

We are divided between the System and the Enemies of the System. Yet the most visible, purported opposition, the Tea Party movement, is at a dead end. Divided between libertarians who use the language of freedom but are who are hopelessly blind to the machinations of the materialist gangsters of Finance-Capital, and the Religious Right which wants a police-state to enforce their curious moral code, the aging Tea Baggers will eventually give up and become electoral cannon fodder for the Republican Party.

With the mass of Americans domesticated by blind consumerism, living their lives by TV and the commercials, totally submerged in Zombie Culture, who will pick up the fight? I mean really fight and not just bullshit about it.

Taking a leaf from Michel Rienzi–and earlier from the Situationists–we must look to the Creative Class. They are the natural dissidents to the System. They are socially alienated from the Zombie-Culture of Consumerism, and from the Suffocating Regime of Political-Correctness. They are poets, artists, musicians and working class youth on the streets. They are patriotic yet radical. They are the outcasts who are centered in the white working class.

The best pointers for reaching them come from the original National Bolshevik Party in Russia as led by Eduard Limonov and Alexandr Dugin. Limonov, an avant-garde writer who had been exiled in the West, wished to mobilize the most passionate & intellectually dissatisfied part of society.

In the West–primarily the USA & France–Limonov had experience with both the Left, as well as neo-Rightists like the National Front of Jean-Marie Le Pen. Armed by this experience, Limonov proposed the creation of a revolutionary party of a new style with a combo of ultra-nationalist propaganda married to direct action as practiced in the student protests in France in 1968.

Again, roots in the avant-gard literary set. In the USA, this would be comics, not to mention metal & outlaw country music.

Their favorite tactic was the Velvet Terror, non-violent acts, like throwing tomatoes, directed at prominent public figures and stooges of the regime.

The goal? Get people to discover the moral monsters ruling them. Then defend the right of the people to revolution.

The watchword?



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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

5 responses to “The National Bolshevik Party–Breaking the Circle Jerk

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  2. Quagmire

    I read in an online article that Liminov was involved with the downtown New York boho scene in the late-60’s and was exposed to such luminaries as Lou Reed and Andy Warhol. Given that scene’s origins as a sort of dark inverse to the then-burgeoning hippie culture on the opposite coast (which the modern PC Left appears to be an outgrowth of), then the social and political positioning of the National Bolsheviks makes perfect sense.

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  4. “Divided between libertarians who use the language of freedom but are who are hopelessly blind to the machinations of the materialist gangsters of Finance-Capital,”
    Although Libertarians tend to have a marked lack of organicism in their concepts of society, and a excessively broad view about the cultural norms that would make western property-society possible, I would say that their more advanced members do realise the false dichotemy of left and right, and the iniquity of presently-existing property relations. Real libertarians are third-positionists, Big L Libertarians (especially Party Libertarians), on the other hand, are just liberals and conservatives. Of course, most Tea-Partiers are of the latter type of ‘libertarian’.

    Note: contra Yockey, I would put Herbert Spencer down as someone who most definitely had an Organicist concept, in addition to being a libertarian.

  5. Adam ⋅

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    Comerade Adam

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