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What the Neo Cons REALLY Want

As we’ve noted on this Blog, the Neo Cons have taken over the Tea Party movement, hook, line and sinker. The Neo Cons have used “momma grizzly” Sarah Palin as the stalking horse to push the Ron Paul partisans of Liberty to the margins. In the public mind, Sarah Palin IS the Tea Party.

Most remember her ‘lipstick’ line from her acceptance speech at the Republican convention. But the guts of her speech–written for her–had nothing to do with ‘liberty,’ as commonly understood, and everything to do with continuing the Bush-Cheney perpetual ‘war on terror’ and then some. Palin’s talking points were more fire-breathing than those of Rudy Giuliani. (For his part, Ron Paul was exiled from the GOP confab in St Paul and so addressed some 10,000 of his supporters over in Minneapolis. While Palin was for goosing the Global War on Terror, Dr Paul was opposing having troops in 130 countries with 750 bases.)

While the Tea Party still wraps itself in the Flag and employs the language of Liberty, what they REALLY want is something else again. They may talk like right-wing hippies but the reality is more like something out of Jack London’s novel, THE IRON FIST.

Yesterday, Libertarian (and Ron Paul supporter) Justin Raimondo, in his blog,, pointed to a book by Richard Perle and David Frum as being the REAL Neo Con Manifesto. Raimondo summed it up this way:

“(the book) advocated invading practically every country in the Middle East and instituting a quasi-dictatorship on the home front in the name of fighting the ‘war on terrorism’.”

Is Raimondo coming on too strong? I think not. The book in question, AN END TO EVIL, was published in 2004. Among other things, Frum and Perle want to require all residents to carry a national identity card that includes biometric date like fingerprints, retinal scans or DNA.

Clearly when “momma grizzly” and other Neo Cons talk about ‘liberty’, they’re just blowing smoke.

Kiss my ass!


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One response to “What the Neo Cons REALLY Want

  1. Hmmm…I agree with you about NeoCons, but I am not necessarily opposed to a national ID card…I think, under the right government, such an institution might be worthwhile.

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