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The Tea Party–No Direction Home

Most people are too young today to remember the Norman Rockwell paintings gracing many a cover of the old Saturday Evening Post magazine. Rockwell portrays a nostalgic, kinder/gentler look at an America that supposedly once existed. So why bring up forgotten magazine covers? That’s the bait of the Tea Party Movement.

Did I say bait? With bait, there must be switch. In this case, the switch is like out of Jim Thompson’s classic neo-noir novel, THE GRIFTERS, made into a movie in 1990 with John Cusack, Annette Bening, Angelica Huston, et al. Sarah Palin and her whole family fit right in. They are making money with something bogus.

Everything in history occurs twice: The first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. Sarah Palin’s Tea party is a re-run of the Reagan movement. That too was an exercise in nostalgia. Ronnie would bring back the 1950s. But Reagan’s “Morning in America” ended up not as American renewal but its opposite. You can date American decline back to 1980. Examples: USA becoming a debtor nation for the first time since 1914; US borders no longer guarded.

The Tea Party Movement assumes American problems can be solved in isolation from the rest of the world. Ain’t gonna happen! There is no national capitalism any more. Capital is transnational. Fortunes have been made strip-mining the USA of its industrial base. (For example, GOP front runner for 2012, Mitt Romney, once bought a factory in Indiana and shipped the jobs overseas.) The investment bank, Goldman Sachs, which dominates the Obama Regime, has parlayed betting against one’s nominal country into billions.

Like out of THE MATRIX movies, there is a battle between an impersonal global economic system and the traditional nation-states. Guess who’s winning.

Today’s GLOBAL GUERRILLAS blog says it best;

“When this war ends, and it won’t be long, the global economic and financial system will be the victor. Once that occurs, the nation-states of the West will join those of the global south as HOLLOW STATES: mere shells of states that serve only to enforce the interests of the global economic system. These new states, more market-states than nation-states, will offer citizens a mere vestige of the public goods they offered historically. Incomes will fall to developing world levels (made easy due to highly portable productivity), and wealth will stratify. Regulatory protections will be weak. Civil service pensions will be erased and corruption will reign. The once dominant militaries of the West will be reduced to a small fraction of their current size, and their focus will be on the maintenance of internal control rather than external threats.

“For those that think that this will bring about a surge of peaceful economic vigor, you will be wrong. It will fragment society and lead to perpetual stagnation/depression, endemic violence/corruption, and squalor. For absent any moral basis (a social compact), stability, or (widely shared) prosperity: new sources of order will emerge to fill the gap left by the hollowing out of the nation-state. These new sources of order will be first seen in the rise of the criminal entrepreneur, whether they be the besuited corporate gangster or the gang tattooed thug. For in the world of hollow states (without a morality that limits behavior) and limitless connectivity to the global economic system, these criminal entrepreneurs quickly become dominant, violently coercing or corrupting everyone in the path to their enrichment.”

Where is John Galt? Probably machine-gunned a long the way.

By the way, the Latinos in the American southwest who say the we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us, are wrong. There are no borders any more.

So what is the Tea Party alternative? More of the same. They run interference for the global elite by preaching more and more de-regulation for the folks who brought us the Wall Street and global meltdown.

As for Sarah Palin: As a grifter, she fits right in.

No direction home.


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