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Sarah Palin & the Decay of the Tea Party

There she was, up bright and early this morning. We’re speaking of Sarah Palin, of course, the Great White Hope of the Tea Party Movement. In her game of oneupmanship, twas obligatory that she creep into Boston, historic site of the original Tea Party.

The tax protests themselves have become a ritual. People act out a role and then the Spectacle moves on. They’ll be back next year.

The Boston event reminded me of a scene from George Romero’s 1979 movie “Dawn of the Dead.” The Zombies are all stiff walking towards a shopping mall. The brain dead are operating on inertia; it’s something that was important while they were alive. No thought required.

The DC protest featured the call for a new “Contract With America.” How original. Remember the first Contract back in 1994? Newt Gingrich avoided everything important to Republican voters, especially in the areas of racist affirmative action and unrestricted immigration.

The new one calls for a balanced budget. Didn’t Bill Clinton have a couple? He’s not mentioned as this is strictly a fete for geriatric Zombie Republicans.

The new contract also features the hoary old cries for cuts in government spending. Over half the budget now goes to the military because of the myriad wars Obama inherited from Bush and has now expanded upon. None of this is mentioned. Pour ketchup on this crowd, tell them to stick out their arms like they’re sleepwalking, and you could hire the lot as extras for a zombie movie.

Sarah Palin has become the Neocon pied piper of this mess. She sounds more shrill; in fact, her voice this morning was an octave or two higher. Why does she bother? Moolah! Lots of it. $12 million and counting. She needs to keep rousing the rabble to keep her rice bowl overflowing. What does it matter that when she opens her mouth that produces votes for the Democrats? Like Proud Mary, just keep the money rolling.

Can Palin be elected President? Who knows? The dumbing down of the country has proceeded far enough she just might make it. But that’s strictly second place. Palin’s mission, like that of a sweaty tent preacher, is to keep the money rolling in.

Oh yes, her other mission is to keep what’s left of the genuine Tea Party strictly house broken, a front group for the Neocon GOP apparatus. Hence the decay and eventual death of a once promising opposition movement.

All that lacked at the events today were more signs asking people if they miss Dubya yet. Wars with the vicarious thrills of a video game. You and your family can watch but don’t have to participate. And with the magic credit card from the Fed, you can be an armchair Rambo and a tax protester, all at the same time.


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