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Yockey & His Method

As a young man coming of age in Depression era America, Francis Parker Yockey was briefly enamoured of Leftism and the dream of total change percolating from the bottom up. Then he discovered Oswald Spengler and the rest is history.

Yockey’s 1948 magnum opus IMPERIUM is often described as a Neo-Splenglerian work. The book was the culmination of Yockey’s attempt to solve the essential Spenglerian dilemma, namely how to arrest and then reverse the inevitable decay & death of a society. Defy cultural gravity, if you will.

Yockey’s method was his philosophy of Cultural Vitalism. In brief, it’s the opposite of the classic Marxist revolution. You start at the top and not the bottom. You create a new Elite, a culture-bearing stratum. It needs to be inculcated with an heroic sense of purpose. This, in turn, would seep down to the masses and bring about the Age of Authority which would sweep away the decadent Rule of Money which is destroying the Occident. The Age of Authority would extinguish the Culture-distortion and save the white race. THAT is the essence of IMPERIUM.

From the diagnosis comes the Method of curing the disease. This is spelled out in the 1949 PROCLAMATION OF LONDON. This Manifesto, a hundred years after that of Marx & Engels, proclaimed the formation of the European Liberation Front, the first movement anywhere to have the words ‘liberation front’ in its name.

The Liberation Front was not initially intended to be a mass organization. Indeed, none would have been possible at that time. Instead, it can be summed up this way:

Create an elite nucleus in each of the lands of the Western Imperium.

Founding an Order, secret out of necessity, of the Elite of our Idea, within the Imperium, to secure the adherence of highly-placed people in all Western lands.


It was estimated that there was a pool of 250,000 people in Europe to be be targets of cultivating and influencing. Notice: No street theatre, no mindless aping of prior movements (e.g. NSDAP), looking forward to the future, not apologizing for the past.

Thomas Francis summed up Francis Parker Yockey this way:

“What Yockey has done for American Destiny thinkers is to provide them with an ideological superstructure, a coherent post-WWII outlook, a foundation for constructive action that lies within the mainstream & imagination of Western life.

“Yockey has freed us Legionaires in Service of the West from the double-knit strait-jacket of a senile, antihistorical, antipolitical, moss-gathering reaction
a shoddy, antihistorical, antipolitical, naive CULTISM.”

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