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The Nationalists Next Door

The American Nationalist movement is dying. It’s being kept on life support through the efforts of Far Right groupuscules. And many of them are in full retreat, opting, instead, for a spurious secessionism. Meanwhile, the major opposition force in the USA, the Tea Party movement, is notable for its indifference, at best, to Nationalism.

By way of contrast, next door in Mexico, a rebirth of Mexican Nationalism is taking place. Particularly noteworthy is a new grouping, Organizacion por la Voluntad Nacional (Organization for the National Will). Formed only in 2007 and predominately an organization of youth, Intellectually it runs rings around its counterparts on this side of the border.

Like the best of Nationalist movements, the OVN is proactive. Whereas conservative outfits are almost always strictly reactive; see especially the catatonic Tea Party in the USA.

The OVN is direct & to the point:

“Since 2007, we attempt to instill a healthy national consciousness into the mind of the average Mexican and the defence of the biological, cultural and moral identity of the Mexican Nation.”

This stands in stark relief to the Tea Party which speaks in the language of bean counters, with the morals of a traveling salesman.

Organizacion por la Voluntad Nacional (OVN) stand for the National Independence of their country. They call for Mexico’s withdrawal from the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), World Trade Org., NAFTA and World Bank. For its part, the Tea Party goes deaf when these issues are brought up.

Seeking to build a mass alternative to what it terms socialism, the Tea Party offers only the same old tough shit economics of the Republican Party. The OVN stand opposed to both Communism & Capitalism.

The OVN is for a Distributist economy which derives from Catholic social teaching. (Contrast it with the reactionary drivel emanating from mouths & assholes of Robertson & Falwell.) Distributism wishes the widest possible distribution of property as opposed to state socialism at one extreme and plutarchic capitalism at the other.

Wikipedia reduces the OVN to a narrow slot: Far Right Mexican Nationalist organization opposing Anglo-American culture influences, abortion gay marriage et al. And to be sure, OVN is radical AND traditional.

Right now they are fighting what they call ‘the heterophobic inquisition in Mexico.’ Gay marriage was approved in the Federal District (territory of the capital Mexico City) early in the year. Now, as in the USA, the Cult of Political Correctness is throttling the opposition through smears and slander. The OVN considers it to be part of the policy of the New World Order whose instrument is now Barrack Obama.

The OVN is to be contrasted with MEChA. MEChA is a Chicano separatist movement within the USA whereas OVN is Mexican Nationalist org hearkening back to the original Mexican Empire of Augustin de Iturbe. Iturbe defeated Spain on September 27, 1821, achieving the national independence of a Mexico which stretched from California to Panama.

OVN also considers MEChA to be leftist which they oppose. They refuse to celebrate Cinco de Mayo–NOT an official holiday in Mexico–because they consider Benito Juarez to be a traitor and a tool of Masonic politicians in the USA. Like Francis Parker Yockey, they supported the Emperor Maximilian.

Because of Mexico’s history, the OVN’s mode of functioning is discrete. The often violent suppression of the opposition dictates a policy of being able to go underground at a moment’s notice. In the West, only Lutte Ouvriere in France has this ability unless you’re already underground like ETA in Spain.

So OVN is serious. For juxtaposition, the American Right’s most serious org was Robert DePugh’s Minutemen of the 1960s. Yet even they ended up as one former member stated with “500 of the sorriest ding-a-lings, blabbermouths and outright fuckups ever to come down the pike.”

While I admire Organizacion por la Voluntad Nacional (OVN) and seek to learn from them, we have one big difference: the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. That treaty ended the Mexican War and ceded the northern part of Mexico (including California) to the USA. But that may soon become a moot point as Mexicans busily engage in the practical re-annexation of the American Southwest. By the way, while Democrats are the political beneficiaries of this, most of it happened under Republican presidents with their thirst for cheap labor.

One final note. While reading the delightful book by John Ross entitled ANNEXATION OF MEXICO: FROM THE AZTECS TO THE IMF, I came across this delightful anecdote. While Ronald Reagan was erasing the border and coming out in favor of amnesty, his Administration nursed the secret wish of seeking to buy Baja California from Mexico for $105 billion dollars.


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