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Yockey and the Western Imperium

Imperium is the name of the 1948 book by Francis Parker Yockey which laid out his Philosophy of History & Politics. He builds upon Spengler and then goes beyond him. The word imperium comes from the Latin for command. That led to a meaning of ‘the right to give orders.’ This, in turn, came to mean ‘supreme power.’ We call it Empire today. Thus Yockey stood for the Empire of the West or Occident.

The Western Imperium would have as its core the European Motherland. This would be all of Europe from Dublin to Vladisvostok; what we call EuroSiberia today. It would also include the Colonies of Europe: Iceland, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Cone of South America: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the southern part of Brazil. European-descended peoples would be full citizens.

Reading Yockey’s IMPERIUM is heady stuff. He calls for “a complete cleansing of the Western soul from every form of Materialism, from Rationalism, Equality, social chaos, Communism, Bolshevism, liberalism, Leftism of every variety, Money-worship, democracy, finance-capitalism, the domination of Trade, nationalism, parliamentarism, feminism, race-sterility, weak ideas of ‘happiness’ and the like.”

To replace these ideals, he puts forth: “The strong and manly Idea of the Age of Absolute Politics: Authority, Discipline, Faith, Responsibility, Duty, Ethical Socialism, Fertility, Order, State, Hierarchy–the creation of the Empire of the West.”

Francis Parker Yockey died in 1960 in the custody of what he called the ‘Washington Regime.’ Two big changes occurred in Europe since his death. One was the demise of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact. There Yockey would be proven right in his contention that the Washington Regime was more destructive to Europe than anything which came out of the Kremlin. We’re speaking here of De-industrialization and demography.

But the other big change with the Mass Immigration from Muslims and Africans would be more problematic. On migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, Yockey’s position would be predictable and to the point: Get rid of them BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

His position on Muslims from the Maghreb would be more difficult to ascertain. The Belgian Jean Thiriart, who built upon much of Yockey’s since 1960, would have opposition to Israel & Zionism as the centerpiece. Thus the Maghreb and Turkey would be incorporated into Eurosiberia, religious distinctions ignored and Exogamy of Europeans as a conscious policy.

This also seems to have been favored by many in the International Eurasian Movement. This Moscow-centered movement led by Alexandr Dugin–whom I admire–sees a USA thrust into Central Asia. Thus the need for for Muslim allies. But the recent events of the bombings in Moscow show the definite limitations of this approach.

But in IMPERIUM you see intimations of the opposite approach. Yockey makes reference to “the rear-guard in the West of the fulfilled Arabian Culture, the Church-State-Nation-People-Race of the Jew.” (This must be news to be both Jews & Muslims!) Since he agreed with Spengler that cultures don’t inter-penetrate, Yockey would seem to believe that the Arabian culture was alien and would be unable to be absorbed by Europe. If this is the case, then the term ‘Eurabia’ would be a misnomer; ‘Arabia’ would have to be placed ahead of ‘Euro.’

Following this line of thought, a Yockey today would be in the same camp as the late Oriana Fallaci. Fallaci was the famed Italian journalist and writer. A champion of the Democratic Left–as opposed to the Stalinoid or pro-Communist Left–two events caused a sea change in her attitudes. The 9/11 events led her to a pro-American point of view. The other was the Muslim Mass Immigration into Europe which she called an invasion.

Fallaci in her books THE RAGE AND THE PRIDE and THE FORCE OF REASON uses language akin to that of Yockey in THE PROCLAMATION OF LONDON. Whereas Yockey was attacking what he termed ‘organized Jewry’ AT THAT TIME, Fallaci is attacking Islam in the here and now.

She writes that the Islamic colonization of Europe is the result of “the bankers who have created the farce called the European Union, the popes who have invented the fable of ecumenism, the spineless individuals who have created the lie of pacifism, the hypocrites who have planned the fraud called humanitarian help. It is Europe with its leaders with no honor and no wits, with its intellectuals without dignity and without bravery. It is the sick Europe that has sold itself as a whore to the sultans, to the caliphs, to the viziers . . . ”

If Yockey agreed with Fallaci, that would mean Guillaume Faye would be the heir of Yockey. Faye, a leader of the French New Right and today what’s called Identitarianism, says Yockey’s view of Washington as THE enemy of Europe is outdated. Washington is a rival and occasional ally, not the enemy. Where Yockey hinted at the Third World being the ally of Europe–this was greatly expanded by Thiriart–Faye sees the Third World as THE enemy. Kai Murros has done a brilliant job of expanding upon this.

Following this line of thought, Jews would be seen as part of the West. And Israel as an extension of Europe. That’s also how the Islamists see it it. Would Yockey?

To be continued . . .


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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

6 responses to “Yockey and the Western Imperium

  1. Yockey, a brilliant political mind.
    A Man who knew the enemy: The Real Enemy.
    A Man ahead of his time.

    Politically, he went as far as he could – considering the Iron Curtain.
    Options were limited, political avenues and actions severely restricted.
    The Manipulators in Washington and Moscow held Europe prostrate.

    The “bring down the wall” in Berlin exposed the Hidden Enemy as never before.
    Suddenly the spotlight focussed on them – the world realized who was the Moloch behind it all.
    Anti-Semitism, or more precisely: anti-Jewishness, erupted all over the world.

    1 billion Muslims are now the World Enemy’s implacable foe, increasingly radicalised.
    What Nasser could not achieve, the name of Allah will certainly do.
    Israel is finished and will collapse suddenly – as did South Africa.

    Had Yockey lived now, he would have been the bearer of our IDEA of Imperium Europa.
    A planetary Imperium uniting all Europids:
    the Anglo Saxons, the Teutons, the Slavs and the Latins.

    A sealed Imperium, with non porous borders: an Imperium for Europids only.
    Food will be our weapon, not cluster bombs or nuclear weapons.
    We could starve the rest whenever we so wish – starve them by the millions.

    We will adopt a policy of good neighbourliness with the Muslims.
    Our food surplus for their oil – for they cannot feed themselves.
    We will certainly help them to pluck that thorn, cauterize that wound in their side.

    We will banish that tribe of mischief makers, the World Enemy Yockey warned us about.
    We will dump them in Tasmania and quarantine them there – with freezing, frigid waters around them.
    We will see whether the parasite can live without a host!

    Then, we will consolidate our Imperium.
    An Imperium at the top of which stand the Elite.
    Beyond parliaments, parties, politicians, prostitutes and priests.

    Then outwards, beyond the stratosphere – onwards to Mars and the planets beyond.
    There, to procreate and make our Race safe from a possible, meteoric cataclysmic collision.
    There, searching for the Cosmic Force.

    Imperium Europa:
    The Book that changed the world.
    Amazon Books

  2. Francesco

    Francis Parker Yockey is one of the last true european philosopher. Also Giorgio Locchi must be remembered (the former master of Faye and De Benoist…).
    The idea of Imperium is now more important than before. The actual crisis calls every cultural european to a struggle for the future. All is falling and very few are those upon the ruins, but we must have the clear vision and the strenght to continue a mission that takes centuries to be accomplished. Not years.
    Yockey was a great mind, a great man of honor.

    You’re quoting Oriana Fallaci. I’m italian and I can assure she has nothing to do with any pro-european (and fascist) movement. She was a vulgar enemy of identity and true culture, without any true knowledge of what Islam is and, above all, what Europe is. Her reactions to such events were just her nervous impulses against the fall of the twin towers and so on. No in dept analysis here. In fact, her tesis were not censored on mainstream journals, while national-revolutionary tesis are still considered “underground” and minoritary.

    all for now….

    • mauryk2 ⋅

      The reason for including Fallaci were two fold.The wide circulation of her books and the legal assaults against her. And the fact she came out of the Left and not the Right makes her noteworthy. Other than that, I’m a national-revolutionary and she most certainly is not.

      She is still under the Cult of Political Correctness in that she concentrates her fire on Islam as a religion. Whereas, I’m less concerned with Islam than with the people who go with it. That’s why I’m more inclined to use the term ‘Third World Invasion’ than ‘Islamic invasion.’

      One thing I’ll definitely say for her: She didn’t give up. Much of the Far Right now seems to be collaborating with Islam. She didn’t. Wtf!

      • Jonothon Boulter ⋅

        According to Yockey the Imperium will have a spiritual impulse that will unify it.

        Part of this will be the ‘new Western Race’ which will be morphic and absorb all previous identities. But does not the Imperium need a power to back it?

        Islam is successful because it uses basics to unify, with its 5 Pillars for eg.

        Imperium-Western Race-New Military Economic power complex.

  3. “Islam is successful because it uses basics to unify, with its 5 Pillars for eg.”

    For Frithjof Schuon and the other “Perennialists,” Islam, the last Revelation, is particularly suited to the needs of the degenerate humans of the Kali Yuga.

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