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Sarah Palin Squeezes Tea Party Further Into The GOP

So Sarah Palin lent her star power among conservatives to help out a beleaguered John McCain in Arizona. McCain is facing his toughest re-election fight yet. Here’s what Palin had to say:

“Everyone here supporting John McCain, we are all part of that tea party movement.”

If her and McCain are part of the Tea Party, then it turns out to be just another front for the Republican Party. With that one line, Sarah Palin has managed to squeeze any life & independence out of the Tea Party. If she has her way, there is nothing fresh and unique about it any more.

Now there’s been talk about the seduction of the Tea Party by the Neo-Cons. But some folks want to be seduced. Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son who’s running for the Senate from Kentucky, recently opined that most participants in Tea Party events probably voted for McCain over his father in the 2008 Republican primaries.

If Rand Paul is right, and I believe he is, then the Tea Party Movement as a new force in American politics was dead on arrival. The MSM has made much of the Tea Party protests being mostly white. Not enough attention has been paid to the middle-aged–and older–nature of those same protesters. They don’t have the young; just the same old hand raisers for whatever goons the GOP is running.

At times there has been a near lynching atmosphere directed at Obama. This is amusing since the Obama Regime has functioned as a continuation of the Bush-Cheney Junta that most of the Tea Party hand raisers had voted for.

Besides, Obama is just a puppet. This alleged President remains in office with no authority. He functions as a house boy reading whatever the teleprompter says. He knows if he does not cooperate and remain a stooge, the Oligarchy will unleash a massive, corporate anti-Obama media blitz that will include the Larry Sinclair closet homosexual-cocaine scandal, the use of ACORN to launder money and Obama’s eligibility to be President.

Remember, folks, you are not allowed to be President in the current United States of America unless you are highly black-mailable.

Obama is a CIA stooge created by the Ford Foundation.

Here’s the kicker. The colorful language of intelligence expert Tom Heneghan says it best:

“It can now be divulged as reported by the criminal, corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media, that current foreign born alleged US President, homosexual in-the-closet, cocaine snorting Barack Obama, talks on the phone, on a regular basis, with former White House illegal occupant, homosexual in-the-closet, cocaine snorting, AWOL, War Criminal, nation wrecker George W Bushfraud.”

By supporting the likes of McCain, Sarah Palin is choking off what fresh air still remains in the Tea Party Movement.


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