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Coup D’Etat USA Revisited

Most people I’m aware of who’ve been impressed by Thomas Chittum’s ground-breaking 1996 book, CIVIL WAR TWO, THE COMING BREAKUP OF AMERICA, focus on the aftermath they want to see. After relief that a sub rosa, one-sided race war will break out into the open, they celebrate what they see as the pending breakup of the USA into several new countries divided along ethnic lines.

Never mind that Tom Chittum thinks the new Civil War could be very, very bloody. Casualties, in his estimation could be in the 50-90% range. Needless to say, if we end up with only a 10% survival rate, we have a Mad Max-type situation not, some utopian Ethnostate of ANY nationality. Chittum knows what he’s talking about, having fought not only as a soldier in Vietnam, but, also, as a mercenary in Rhodesia and the former Yugoslavia.

Chittum also feels that even if a number of these new countries come into existence, they will be micro-states at the mercy of the New World Order. And he wouldn’t put it past the NWO to encourage secessionist trends; the old divide-and-conquer. Chittum refuses to join secessionist or racist groups.

But what if Civil War Two breaks out anyway? Chittum hasn’t thought it out that much ahead, except, depending on who you are, abandoning some sections of the country and forming militias.

One writer who has given some thought is Mike Presnell. The other day he penned some notes and published them on his Facebook page. The title of his Note is to the point: “Why the Citizens of the country could win a civil war.” Just thinking out loud, he suggests a coup d’etat by the US military. He feels light infantry could quickly take over the White House, Congress, etc. in Washington. Quick, decisive action supposedly would head off a bloody civil war at the pass.

His starting point is sound. No revolution or coup can succeed without the support–or, at least, neutrality–of the military and law enforcement. That’s the total truth.

To be accomplished, you also have to factor in New York City. You would need to seize the New York Federal Reserve to get control of the banks & currency. THAT will ensure control on a national scale. Also needed is control over major media outlets and the internet. Now you’re dealing with two jurisdictions and the plot has to get much larger. That also makes it easier to detect.

The New York thing exposes the major flaw in Mr Presnell’s schema. He seems to feel the USA is on the verge of civil war because of a liberal vs conservative divide in the country. Is that really the case? I think not.

Note the erudite Tom Chittum spoke of an ethnic divide, not ideological divide. Maybe Mr Presnell uses ‘liberal’ & ‘conservative’ as a politically correct cover. Maybe not. I’ll take him at his word that he means exactly what he says.  Okay. Then what does really he mean by ‘conservative’ ? If he means views akin to those of Pat Buchanan and the late Sam Francis, then maybe I’m with him. But if he means the Neo-Con dominated faux conservativism of the Republican Party, then, fuck it, this Vietnam veteran will take his chances with the liberals.

New York also brings up this problem: Unlike the lumpen gang-bangers of DC, the population of NYC is fully capable of fighting against a reactionary coup that they feel will screw them and then some.

Whether I’m right or wrong, we’re clearly beyond a couple rebel battalions of light infantry. And how many in the military, officer & enlisted, are willing to risk all over arcane interpretations of the Constitution?

Mike Presnell is right on one key point though: “The only way the people of this nation are going to get control again is to take it and let me tell you that means at the end of a barrel.”

My point is simply: Good intentions coupled with nostalgia are not enough for a coup.

There have been two American coups, both backed by the Establishment, in my lifetime: The assassination of Kennedy in 1963 which was no elaborate “Seven Days in May” affair. The powers-that-be knew that serious people were out to kill JFK. All it took was to withhold vital protection and, presto, you have the more pliant Lyndon Johnson in office. The other coup was the Watergating of Nixon which was pretty much a CIA affair.

A coup may be needed but it will take work.


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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

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