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What is the Partisan Tendency?

This blog reflects the viewpoint of the Partisan Tendency. The term ‘partisan’ comes from Eastern Europe, ‘partinski’ in Russian. During World War II, we refer to the ‘Partizans’ who fought against both Nazis & Stalinists. That’s our direct inspiration. They were also known as ‘Komitadji’ or Committeeman. This word came from the Turkish Komitaci, referring to a rebel, member of a secret revolutionary society.

Our Black Flag symbol comes from the black flag of the post medieval Peasant Wars in Germany, which stemmed from the radical Peasant Revolt of 1525. This Black Flag was also the symbol of the Black Front of Otto Strasser after his break with Hitler.

While based in North America, we’ve had an affinity for the European New Right–though we prefer the term National Left. We share their stands against Globalism, Capitalism, Zionism & mass immigration. This is different from anything found in the American context, whether we’re talking of the official Left drowning in ethno-masochism, or a Right being strangled by Neo-Conservatism.

The core ideas come from Francis Parker Yockey. I first heard of Yockey in 1962 when H. Keith Thompson mentioned him–and how different he was–in an article about the American Right for Lyle Stuart’s old newspaper, THE INDEPENDENT. But I didn’t read Yockey for myself until 1967 while I was a soldier in Vietnam. James Madole of the National Renaissance Party mailed me a copy of IMPERIUM. I kept it with me in my backpack, along with a Batman comic book, even while on patrol or at a fire base.

The failure of the National Renaissance Party in the 1970s–the NRP would formally expire in 1980, a year after Madole’s death–left me floundering.

I started working at the Post Office and was busy as a Mailhandlers Union Steward. I also put out an underground newsletter, THE POSTAL HARDHITTER. But union politics were a bore for me.

I got my second political wind when I read a speech by Gore Vidal published in THE NATION in January of 1986. Let Vidal describe it:

“Recently, Norman Mailer and I chatted together at the Royal Theatre in New York, under the auspices of PEN American Center. Part of what I said was reprinted in these pages on January 11, under the title, not mine, “Requiem for the American Empire.” I gave a bit of a history lesson about our empire’s genesis, and I brooded on its terminus last fall, when Tokyo took over from New York as the world’s economic center.

“My conclusion: for America to survive economically in the coming Sino-Japanese world, an alliance with the Soviet Union is a necessity. After all, the white race is a minority race with many well-deserved enemies, and if the two great powers of the Northern Hemisphere don’t band together, we are going to end up as farmers–or, worse, mere entertainment–for the more than one billion grimly efficient Asiatics. In principle, Mailer agreed.”

I stood up and cheered! Two famous writers were saying in public what little me had been saying mostly to myself. But then the shit hit the fan. Norman Podhoretz–later dubbed by paleo-conservative journalist Paul Mulshine as the craziest man in America–and his wife Midge Decter–who had once been part of what was dubbed the ‘CIA wing’ of the old Norman Thomas Socialist Party–aimed both barrels at Gore Vidal.

In 2002, Ann Pettifer explained it this way in COUNTERPUNCH:

“Podhoretz and Decter had once been liberals, but an aggressive Zionism led them to pitch their tent in the Republican Party. Their aim was to use US economic & political heft to advance Israel’s interests in the Middle East.”

She added:

“Vidal calls Podhoretz and his ilk Fifth Columnists (Israeli division) to indicate their extra-territorial priorities. They pursue political power not in order to make the US a better place, to right wrongs or to fight inequality here, but to promote Israel’s pre-eminence in the Middle East, to confine Palestinians to a couple of Bantustans or, better still, engineer their expulsion to Jordan.”

Vidal himself said:

“In order to get Treasury money for Israel, pro-Israel lobbyists must see to it that America’s ‘the Russians are coming’ squads are in place so they can continue to frighten the American people into spending enormous sums for ‘defense’, which also means the support of Israel in its never-ending wars against just about everybody.” Vidal also termed the Israelis as a “predatory people busy stealing other people’s land in the name of an alien theocracy.”

The above points from Pettifer And Vidal neatly sum up what the Neo-Cons are all about. Neo-Cons are the enemy!

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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

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