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Bush Drug War Follies

George H.W. Bush, as Vice-President under Reagan and a former CIA Director, was the Reagan Regime’s highest official running the War on Drugs. He chaired President Reagan’s cabinet-level working group and was Director of the National Narcotics Interdiction System.

Under Bush, Francis Mullen was head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He called Bush’s efforts “an intellectual fraud” and “a liability rather than an asset.” Shortly after making these statements, Mullen resigned. His paper for the General Accounting Office (GAO) was suppressed.

But in July of 1985, the GAO Report saw the light of day. The paper reported that there were “no benefits from the National Narcotics Border Interdiction System, directed by George Bush. In fact, the overall effect was to encourage supply . . .”

What goes on here?

President Reagan had appointed Ross Perot to the President’s Advisory Council on Foreign Intelligence. Perot was also made a special presidential investigator, looking into America’s POWs and MIAs from the Vietnam War.

But Perot soon ran into a road block. The US intelligence community had been using the apparatus of the POW/MIA government agencies as a cover for the trafficking of opiates from the “Golden Triangle” of Southeast Asia.

According to the book, KISS THE BOYS GOODBYE, Perot gave this assessment to the Vice-President when asked how the POW/MIA investigations were going:

“Well, George, I go in looking for prisoners but I spend all my time discovering the government has been moving drugs around the world and is involved in illegal arms deals. I can’t get at the prisoners because of corruption among our own people.”

Shortly thereafter, Perot was ordered to cease & desist in his efforts. This caused a falling out with Bush Senior and probably is the real reason why Perot entered the 1992 Presidential race. Perot’s intervention in that election, coupled with the Elder Bush running afoul of the Israel Lobby, made Bill Clinton President.

The wholesale importation of cocaine into the US during “Iran-Contra’ is also well-documented. George HW Bush is known “to be in the loop” with many of the players involved, keeping in contact directly with his office. In fact, Bush probably ran “Iran Contra.” The nominal President, Ronald Reagan, in the beginning of his senility, was more than likely kept “out of the loop.”

Also, there has been much speculation as to the use of the off-shore rigs, pipelines and other assets of the Bush-owned Zapata Offshore being used for narcotic trans-shipments.

Narcotics such as cocaine and heroin cannot be manufactured without the precursor chemicals. One of the largest makers of these precursor chemicals is the Eli Lilly Company of Indianapolis. The Quayle family is a large stockholder and Bush Senior has been on the Board of Directors. Eli Lilly also first synthesized LSD for the CIA. LSD played a key role into morphing the New Left into the dead-end “Counter-Culture” during the Sixties.


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  1. anarchore

    A little too obvious, but the song ‘Roam’ by the B52’s comes to mind, looking at that graphic. Great blog.

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