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Astroturfing with the Tea Baggers

Astroturfing with the Tea Baggers. Isn’t that sliming up a grass roots protest? Yes and no. Part of it is genuine & spontaneous from the bottom up. And it may have started from a call by a Seattle blogger who uses the moniker ‘Liberty Belle.’

But it got its real impetus from Rick Santelli of CNBC. That wreaks of ‘astroturfing’ which is a corporate-funded P.R. campaign to fake popular grassroots opinion. The Tea Party Movement has been heavily promoted by Fox News, a Neo-Con operation having nothing in common with libertarianism. Fox offers the grotesque sight of Glenn Beck–who dumbed himself down through chemicals–acting as carnival barker for the Tea Baggers.

As an Astroturfing operation, the Tea Bag Movement is self-limiting. They want no REAL challenge to the status quo, because this same status quo enriches the International Money Power which funds the Neo-Con Cabal. A REAL Tea Party Revolution would call for repudiating the huge federal debt, first rung up by Dubya and now Obama.

The late unlamented financier, J.P. Morgan, once said there are two reasons for everything: a good reason and the real reason. This is behind the labeling of Obama as a ‘socialist.’ The good reason is it affords the white middle-aged/middle-class Tea Baggers to abide by the Cult of Political Correctness and call Obama something other than nigger. The real reason is Obama is a tool of the same global financial network as was Bush. The global financial network got their dick in a ringer by turning the global economy into a casino. Now the public has to pay.

The military-industrial complex is also controlled lock, stock and barrel by this same global financial elite which inextricably linked to the war on terror. Part of this so-called war is a hustle, a strictly money-making operation. For example, the Afghan War has been a boon to the international drug trade which could not blossom as it has without the connivance of sundry governments, including that of the USA. Moreover, it’s drug money being ‘re-cycled’ which keeps many big banks afloat. And part of the war is real: snuffling out revolts in the periphery of the Empire.

Thus the Tea Baggers are steered away from questions of war & finance. Thus one self-appointed Tea Bag leader, Richard Mack, has called himself merely as a sheriff to safe guard the Constitution. Sorry Mack! The Constitution has been dead for at least a hundred years or close to it. Think 1913.

Back to Astroturfing with the Tea Baggers. Who are the Astroturfers? One is Tea Party Patriots which is run by Freedomworks, a conservative nonprofit led by Dick Armey, the former Republican House Majority Leader. Armey is a miserable wretch who pines for the Gilded Age of late nineteenth century America.

The next is The Tea Party Express, a national bus tour run by Our Country Deserves Better PAC which is a front for the GOP consulting firm of Russo, Marsh & Associates. A profitable front it is; they rake in 80% of the take.

And then there is the notorious Tea Party Nation operation which held the bogus Tea Party National Convention in Nashville. It was designed to make money for the organizers–including a $100,000 spiff for Neo-Con interloper Sarah Palin–and to hi-jack what genuine grass roots effort still existed.

I feel for the real conservatives and libertarians out there trying to re-create their movement. They have my support.

In the meantime, look to Greece to see how to REALLY fight back against the Banksters.


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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

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