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When the Immigration Debate Gets Mean

So when does the immigration debate get mean? Right about now when the old guilt trip is getting full play. It gets doubly mean when the so-called/misnamed ‘Religious Right’ proves itself absolutely worthless as an ally. The whole American Establishment, all wings & eccentricities right now is waging the full court press on behalf of Haiti.

President Obama has given a year and a half grace period to a couple hundred thousand Haitian illegals. Word on the street is he was planning this even before the earthquake hit Haiti; probably as a bribe to the Congressional Black Caucus to get votes for amnesty for the millions of Mexican illegals. The Haitian illegals? They’ll never leave.

When the Liberian civil war was waging, thousands were allowed ‘temporary visas’ for humanitarian reasons. But when the war was over and the visas were thus expired, Dubya gave them another year. In other words, to avoid charges of racism, he tossed the hot coals into the laps of the next administration. That turns out to be the Obama Regime. Do you really expect Obama to deport them? They’ll never leave.

Our good neighbors to the north are facing the same quandary. Stephen Harper, their Conservative Prime Minister, wants to take in thousands of Haitians for strictly temporary care. Did they say temporary? Once up there, they’ll never leave.

(By the way, Harper proves my point that conservatives can’t be nationalists.)

Churches of all stripes are leading the old stampede; this includes the ersatz evangelicals. This is nothing new for the latter. They were basic allies of the Plutocrats in the basic GOP coalition. And they share joint blame for illegal immigration getting out of control during 8 years of TOTAL Republican rule. The Plutocrats got their cheap labor and the Preachers got more souls to save. And so it goes.

Bring enough Haitians in and they can’t be absorbed. In fact, they’ll bring Haiti with them. Haiti is the second oldest independent state in the Western Hemisphere. It is the oldest Black republic in the world. And it’s the oldest failed state in the world. It’s been that way since the white planters were slaughtered, almost to a man and woman.

If most Latinos work, don’t count on this for the Haitians. They’ll move into the ghettos and become part of the culture where half the men don’t work.

Don’t expect it to be peaceful either. Haitians have a political culture where most presidents don’t live out their terms. They loot, then they’ve overthrown and killed. If enough come here, that’s the ethos and history they’ll bring with them. We’ll get the ghetto riots once more.

Like I said, It’s going to get mean.


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