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Billy Ayers Fraud Revisited

Remember when Billy Ayers was the bad poster boy of the Obama campaign? He and his consort Bernadine Dorhn–the real brains of the outfit–were always described as the ‘terrorists’ who gave Obama his start. The Neocon Fox News Channel, in their desperate attempt to goose some life into the campaign of McCain-Palin, kept running with the story. Fox & Friends lightweight Steve Doocy, in particular, was like a mad dog in heat for this story. Or was it non-story?

To be sure, Bernadine Dohrn was the recognized leader of the pop-art, ersatz ‘terrorists’ of the Weather Underground. They never killed anyone. Oh yeah, they set off a giant cherry bomb in a shitter at the Capitol and freed LSD guru Timothy Leary from a minimum-security Federal prison camp. That’s about it. Oh yes, they wrecked SDS, the largest Mass Left org in American history. THAT was their biggest impact. And I think it was intentional.

When Dohrn & Ayers emerged from a decade underground in 1980, not very much happened. Most charges were dropped. One could say their life since then has been like a Witness Protection Program out in the open.

In 1968, Bernadine Dorhn, a 30 year old lawyer, came out of nowhere to take a leading role in SDS. You can compare it to Barack Obama coming out of nowhere to give the Keynote Speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. I don’t think any of this just came about by happenstance.

On Sunday, the delightful blog THE DAILY NIGGER, said this about Obama:

“(a) person of interest who was brought up through the ranks of the CIA and the DNC to help promote the major investment banking institutions to a level of global financial domination by ruining the economy for everyone else.”

I think Dohrn & Ayers were agents from the gitgo. That also says something about Obama as Ayers ghost-wrote large chunks of one of his books.

I’m not the only one suspicious. Back in 1998, Troy Southgate did an interview with the neo-folk musician Robert N. Taylor. Most the interview–which is on-line–necessarily dealt with music and different cultural matters. In between, stuck in there, Taylor talks of his adventures, as just a teenager, as a cadre with The Minutemen of Robert DePugh back in the Sixties.

The staunchly anti-Communist Minutemen were a genuine, underground, revolutionary army. They were smashed by the Federal government. You can compare the treatment meted out to DePugh with the soft touch handling of Ayers & Dohrn.

But there’s more. The Minutemen, like the French La Cagoule, penetrated opponent organizations on the Left. One of their number even bedded Bernadine Dohrn herself. Now that’s what the Trotskyists would call really deep penetration.

Taylor said this about Bernadine:

“She just surfaced several years ago and surrendered to authorities (as others of the group did also) AND WAS SLAPPED ON THE HAND AND FREED. We had always thought that her and the Weathermen were ostensibly government agents to begin with. Most of them had links to people in the Federal government and Justice Department by way of relatives. Almost all were from extremely wealthy backgrounds.”

Things aren’t always what they appear to say despite what Glenn Beck and Fox News say.


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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

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