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Overpopulation is more than just a Third World thing

Some myopic libertarians have been circulating a video by the late John Lennon–he was murdered in 1980–attempting to debunk overpopulation. Why would a drug-addled John Lennon be an authority on anything? The most talented of The Beatles was largely unproductive in the last decade of his life; even Ringo did more. Well, most of his time spent with Yoko Ono, he was in a heroin-induced stupor. What a jewel that Yoko is.

Overpopulation was a big liberal cause back in the 1970s; it isn’t today. Why? Not just Zero Population Growth, but Negative Population Growth has been achieved in much of the West. It’s particularly acute in Europe. But it hasn’t gone away in the Third World. In fact, it’s gotten worse which is why the Third World masses are not staying put but are on the go.

That’s the rub. The Cult of Political Correctness has a death grip on thinking in the West. It’s gone from being a mental strait-jacket to a veritable & real Death Cult. You see, because overpopulation is on steroids in the Third World, it can no longer be mentioned.

Why has this happened? There’s been a transfer of advanced medicines and technique to the Third World. This has caused the population explosion. It also means the local populations are expanding faster than their environments & economies can sustain. And as I said earlier, they’re not staying put, content with their miserable lot.

So they’re breaking out, on the move, desperately trying to get into Europe and the USA. We’re starting to see literally hundreds of millions on the move or soon preparing.

Outstanding pan-European nationalist–and my friend & comrade–Kai Murros sums it up this way:

“This is simple biology: A population that has grown too large breaks out of its habitat and seeks more living space. As long as the expanding population manages to conquer new living space, it also exterminates the indigenous species. As long as the expanding population finds more living space it only grows–this means that as long as we keep accepting immigrants from the developing world we only add fuel to the rampant over- growth of human masses. The growth ends only when the resources run out and there is no more additional living space to conquer–and then the population usually collapses. In short, the war for the national liberation of Europe is a biological necessity, it will be the most radical ecological war the world has ever seen.”

Kai Murros then describes the ideological impediments put forth by liberals & leftists. In the USA, their ranks are augmented by neoconservatives and the Religious Right:

“Liberals & leftists believe that a fundamental demographic change such as the present one can occur without political consequences. The liberals & leftists seem to think that Western societies would not lose their unique, progressive character even if they are not populated by Europeans anymore.

“The liberals & leftists also seem to think that it is possible to root out and replace the Europeans without any consequences. We are about to reach the climax in the history of mankind. The next decades will decide whether we fall into the chaos of mass invasions and ecological disasters, or survive and once again seize the future for our civilization.”


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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

9 responses to “Overpopulation is more than just a Third World thing

  1. AJ Arias

    Overpopulation is a local problem in the most populated cities where the poor are forced to live by the Elitists who run the Governments. There is no overpopulation problem on the planet. If there is not enough food look to the war-induced famines, deadly vaccination programs and IMF-funded dictatorships for the real causes of this misery.

    I am not a leftist, but I admire John Lennon’s consistent stand against the human travesty that was the Vietnam War. Had I been alive at the time I too would have opposed this war of Empire and Hegemony.

  2. mauryk2 ⋅

    If it was just an urban problem, then you could de-populate Sao Paulo and shoo everyone into the countryside. Obviously, that’s not viable. You could repeat that with giant urban centers across the planet.

    You also ignore overpopulation as the greatest environmental threat.

    My main point, however, was overpopulation was conceived as a huge problem when viewed as a European thing. But when it became a Third World thing, the Cult of Political Correctness consigned it down Orwell’s “memory hole.”

    I know you’re not a leftist but your view on overpopulation mirrors the ‘official Marxist-Leninist’ position today.

  3. LurkinDude ⋅


    You’re right on in your last point. AJ unintentionally parrots Iron Joe’s modern manrta ‘there is no such thing as overpopulation, mass immigration is our friend.’

    PS Yoko is a fucking witch. And I don’t even like The Beatles.

  4. Callie Smith ⋅

    Many people believe that overpopulation is one of the major environmental threats. People are mostly worried about running out of dire sources such as food, water, space, and fossil fuels. Though these are major issues, people should worry about greater effects to the world.
    The other environmental problems going on that they should worry about would be global warming and environmental strategies. Sure overpopulation will happen but mother nature will help take care of that problem once it does.

    • Gladiator ⋅

      Yeah Callie, that’s why my Potash stock has shot up these past weeks due to the Tunisian riots. Soon, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, even Albania, will flare up with all those unemployed, hungry youths who before the financial collapse, used to run straight into Europe where they found any type of job, sending money back to their dirt poor mammas who then went on and made more ali –babas to feed and clothe and educate.

  5. Erranter ⋅

    They’ll mention it here but they’re not aware populations aren’t growing fast (or at all) in the first world. You have to inform them a lot of the time. They know it’s worse in the third world but they’re not willing, for some reason, to limit immigration and cut foreign aid to help solve the problem. They’d rather our numbers go down instead, because “we’re all in the same boat.” Only that some we’re in different boats of different qualities.

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  7. Gladiator ⋅

    No, stupid, overpop is an overkill of the oversexed male species

  8. wilhelm Lynch ⋅

    Look at Inida and its ridiculous celebration of over one billion useless eaters. To them its a race between china and themselves, I asked them what would they win? How will you feed yourselves? I got no reply to that one.

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