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Prostitutes & Politicians–The Perfect Pairing

Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana is a ‘family values’ conservative who also likes to get his ashes hauled by a hooker while wearing a diaper. You read it right. He can’t get it up unless he’s wearing a diaper!

And this political whore is leading his Democratic opponent by 18 points in recent polls. Does this mean the dumbing down of America is proceeding faster in Louisiana than the rest of the country?

Vitter got caught up in scandal after his name turned up on the DC Madam’s client list. Oops! But rather than resign, he held a press conference, explaining he’d asked for forgiveness from his wife and God and received it.

That’s super convenient. Then he opted to go back to work. Why resign when God is on your side? He then fled the press conference to avoid questions and ran over a stop sign on his way out of the parking lot.

The world knows he has a diaper fetish and he’s going win re-election in an 18 point landslide. This means one of two things. One he’s got a huge pro-hooker backing. Or, his supporters, who must also support his staunch conservative standpoint, are as full of shit and/or as ignorant as he is and simply don’t know or don’t care who they’re supporting.

All the talk about the decay of society if prostitution were legalized is just a smokescreen conservatives put up and is just lip service. It’s expected of them but they don’t believe it.

The dude pays to get f*cked in diapers and he’s up by 18 points!


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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

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