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Tea Party Movement Getting Hosed

It was bound to happen; the Tea Party Movement was bound to get hosed, that is. Plagued by fuzzy politics centering on a “Back to the Future” motif, the Tea Party Movement was already a shaky coalition that was a confused mess. This made the movement ready to be coopted as electoral cannon fodder for the Republican Party. Now, according to POLITICO, they’re being hosed by hustlers.

POLITICO reports that the February 6th thru 8th convention is Nashville:

“The convention is being held at a fancy resort, features $550 ticket prices, a steak & lobster dinner and a guest speaker (Sarah Palin) with a $100,000 speaking fee. It’s sponsored by a for-profit company with a mysterious wealthy benefactor, and its organizers, who have been accused of secrecy & corruption, have threatened lawsuits against dissenters and clamped down on news coverage.”

New Majority and the American Liberty Alliance have pulled out.

Followers of the Tea Party Movement need to pull themselves together. Right now, they are the most important opposition force in the country. They can’t afford to blow it! In the words of Publisher William B. Fox, “America is sleepwalking towards disaster.”

Fox, whose America First Books has re-printed Thomas Chittum’s out-of-print classic, CIVIL WAR TWO: THE COMING BREAKUP OF AMERICA, back in 2006 challenged political candidates on Critical Issues. They were ignored and we ended up with the Obama Regime. The Critical Issues are even more important today. They provide a point of departure for the Tea Party Movement to regain it focus.

The Critical Issues are:

1) Out of control Third World immigration

2) Debt explosion

3) Hyperinflation (it’s coming)

4) Loss of industrial base

5) Depleted uranium genocide

6) Demographic “Death of the West” trend

7) Israeli treachery

8) Suppression of civil liberties

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