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Revolution in the Black South

Revolution in the Black South, how realistic? (Excerpted from CIVIL WAR TWO by Thomas Chittum)

Today, Malcolm X, not Martin Luther King, is the historic voice of young blacks.

The black population of the south is growing faster than the white population, partially because of the higher black birth rate, and because blacks of the northern cities are increasingly returning to their southern home states because crime has turned the northern black slums into concrete killing fields.

This trend of blacks returning to the south should continue as third-world immigrants, particularly Hispanics, have taken much low-skilled employment that is the primary source of black income in northern cities.

In addition, immigrant third-world entrepreneurs, who provide much urban employment these days, often hold violently racist attitudes about blacks. Blacks should remind themselves that many third-world immigrants are entirely without the sense of historic guilt that many northern whites embrace.

By 2050 AD, blacks will certainly be the majority in the states of the deep south. The southern black establishment will seize political control, first of the major cities. Demographics and racist affirmative action will force out the whites, beginning with the non-property owning, working-class whites. The whites will flee to de facto white enclaves.

To the victors go the spoils, and the new black establishment will gorge itself. Their loot will come from increased taxes that will intentionally bankrupt and drive out white business owners. In addition, there will be kickbacks and corruption of all sorts, from protection payoffs from black gangs grown into mafias and from stolen federal aid meant for the poverty-stricken citizens of their cities. (Sort of like Haiti.)

These cities, and later states, will be utterly and irreversibly corrupt. The power base of the black establishment is the slums of poor, bitter, and radical blacks. And the black establishment will prudently see to it that their power base remains poor, bitter and radical.

Blacks are seizing political power in the south, and white southerners face the stark reality that guerrilla warfare will be their only realistic reply to black politicians & police who will combine to abuse whites, seize their property and generally make life untenable.

Civil War II in the south will be widespread due to the close intermingling of the races, which the white flight to the enclaves will only partly reduce. It will also be utterly without mercy due to the mutual hatred and loathing so deeply rooted in southern history.

In fact, the first guerrilla and/or terrorist formations to appear in the south will almost certainly be white.

Military virtues, traditional values, patriotism, religious fundamentalism, adherence to cultural norms, and distrust of central authority have long been features of southern white culture. Likewise, many white Southerners tend to react to events in a very personal and immediate manner, a characteristic that confounds Yankees. All these are characteristics of a warrior culture, not unlike Afghans or Apaches, and this southern white warrior culture will have much impact on the unfolding of Civil War II in the south.

The South has been an occupied country since Civil War I, or at least psychologically occupied, and the threat of federal intervention was the only thing that kept the south from all-out tribal warfare in the Sixties.

(Chittum presents two scenarios: Whites killed or driven out of the South in which the Republic of New Afrika will be established. The other, whites triumph and the blacks are confined to a smaller region. Read the book. CIVIL WAR TWO by Thomas Chittum is available from Amazon.)


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