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De Benoist As Bad Influence

For a brain dead American Right shadow-boxing cobwebs & corpses, Alain de Benoist was a breath of fresh air. His Nouvelle Droite (or European New Right) was poised as an alternative to the so-called & misnamed American New Right, which he dismissed as “a puritanical, moralistic crusade that clung pathetically to Christianity as the be-all and end-all of Western civilization.”

As a biographer put it:

“The leader of the French New Right began to thrust his sharpest barbs at ‘the American way of life’ with its inane TV serials, chronic mobility, ubiquitous fast food, adoration of the almighty dollar, and its quiescent, depoliticized populace held in thrall by hidden persuaders, Bible-thumpers and other mass media tricks.”

De Benoist himself said in 1986:

“Already on the international level, the major contradiction is no longer between Right and Left, liberalism and socialism, fascism and communism, totalitarianism and democracy. It is between those who want the world to be one-dimensional and those who support a plural world grounded in the diversity of cultures.”

The erstwhile neofascist & white supremacist had become an ardent defender of threatened or minority cultures, of ‘different ways of life,’ that were ‘disappearing in a world where money is the sign of distinction.’

This is no mean intellectual accomplishment. De Benoist’s concepts of ethnopluralism and the right to be different were great tools to fling back charges of racism and the like from both the official Left and the Establishment wielding multiculturalism as a bludgeon to stifle dissent.

But there is an underbelly to de Benoist’s thought. Carrying his ideas to their logical extreme, de Benoist has become the advocate of a type of regionalism that will doom Europe. An ex-Europe of micro-states will be helpless against the New World Order. His bad influence extends to the Americas. There are Nationalists in North America who have given up the struggle for power and have fallen back on utopian, secessionist dreams. Thomas Chittum, author of CIVIL WAR TWO, denounces the secessionists as tools of the New World Order.

De Benoist started out in Jeune Nation, and, after it was banned, Europe-Action, which were groups led by Jean Thiriart. Yet by the 1980s, he rejected Thiriart’s call for a super-European nation-state stretching from Ireland all the way to the far end of Siberia. (This is also the vision of Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium.)

Thiriart preached that in would take continental power blocs to take out the New World Order. It think that applies in both Europe and North America.

This is a concept to which we’ll return.


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