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Skinhead Hopes

The skinheads emerged in the UK around 1964. Around 1970, the skinhead phenomena began to be noticed in the States. Certain elements on the Far Right began to place a lot of hope in them. But it seems to have petered out in Britain but has moved Eastward. For example, they formed part of the base in Eduard Limonov’s National Bolshevik Party during its best period.

In the USA, Tom Metzger tried to organize them. I don’t think much came of it. Whether it was premature or Metzger was inept, I don’t know.

But I still believe they are a better base for a Revolutionary Nationalist Movement than the Tea Party types. In any case, the Tea Party-goers are going back to the Neocon-dominated Republican Party.

The following piece by the pseudonymous von Epp in NEW RIGHT REPORT may have been too enthusiastic. But I don’t think the hopes were misplaced. Judge for yourself:

The youth of the West are sunk in the pit of democracy, degeneracy & drugs.

The rise of the Skinheads in England shows all is not lost. They are a flash of lightning illuminating the otherwise bleak horizon. An inspiration for those struggling in the Racial Nationalist ranks.

England–home of money politics & economic thought (democracy), in the vanguard of Culture-distortion, the debauchery of hippiedom, idiotic gurus, assorted fads & freaks all originated in the sewers of Soho then spread throughout the rest of the White World–the rush toward race-suicide in England has abated.

Skinheads form one source of health left in the White Race, the Productive Classes.

Skinheads know:
life is a struggle,
strong survive & weak go under,
courage & strength worth more than intellect & reason,
beauty not grotesqueness.

Future does not belong to the ‘flower children’ but to the strong, truly beautiful people. Like Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, they have ‘broke the tyranny of reason.’

But the Skinheads lack organizational structure & ideological underpinnings for their actions. Outside of instinctive disgust against those races ‘unloved by the gods,’ there is nothing.

Absence of unity & direction means much effort will be wasted in non-essential squabbling.

This is a heaven-sent opportunity to build fighting cadre from the most idealistic elements of the Productive Classes. If not, another opportunity for Race-Victory will be squandered.

Creative violence, if channeled into correct, consistent programs of activity, could produce effective results.

The vision of united White fighters demolishing the shaggy outpourings of democracy will inspire our own Authoritarian Racial Nationalists to set to work organizing American Productive Class youth to do the same.

from NEW RIGHT REPORT circa 1970.


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