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Does History Move In A Straight Line?

Americans and most Western peoples are used to seeing history as linear, that is, moving in a straight line. This comes from a two millennia heritage of Christianity, which in turn derived from Judaism. It goes like this: God created the world and we go forth. There may be zigs & zags, but on we go in a linear progression. Even Marxism, through the later Engels, was tempted to go down this route–though Lenin, Trotsky and Gramsci, in practice, went against this.

But I would argue that this is an alien concept grafted onto the Indo-European soul. European man chafes to remove the cultural parasite, which otherwise will kill the beast. (Think of the monster in the movie ALIEN.)

The blog OSKEREI, which I think comes out of Norway, points to the alternative. (Oskerei is the Norse term for members of The Wild Hunt, also known as Woden’s Hunt.)

During history, a cyclic view on various phenomena has been very common. Our Indo-European ancestors believed that history moves through the yugas/eras, going from the Golden Age to the Iron Age, and then back to the Golden Age after some sort of cataclysm/final war. Civilizations have been viewed as living entities as well, going through the stages of birth, youth, senility and finally death. And the same perspective can be found in political sociology, concerning the rise & fall, or birth & death, of elites. The area is interesting for two reasons: Is the current elite on the final stage, and soon to die? Has it lost all its virtues, both intellectual and moral? I think so, and in that case it will soon be replaced by a new elite. And that will either be Muslim or Nationalist

We will start with the North African scholar ibn-Khaldun (1332-1406). Khaldun is known for his use of the concept ‘group solidarity’, and his description of cycles of conquest & decay. At first there is the bedouins/nomads, with a strong group solidarity. These then conquer the weaker city-dwellers, and install their own dynasty. But given time, the dynasty loses it group solidarity and is corrupted by power & luxury. And then a new wave of nomads conquer again.

It can easily be argued that the current West has lost group solidarity, both on a national, a pan-national and on a local level, and that this has enabled various strangers to invade and immigrate. It can also be argued, however, that group solidarity is reborn among the ‘inner barbarians’, the Nationalists. Who will replace the corrupted elite? Nationalists or Muslim new-comers is an open question to be decided by action.


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