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Pat Buchanan Meets The Frankfurt School

Pat Buchanan in his best-selling book, THE DEATH OF THE WEST, blames much of what he terms demise on the Frankfurt School, a left-wing think tank in steady decline since the 1940s. For example, he says they’re a good part of the blame for the mass Muslim immigration into Europe. Are they?

Bat Ye’or, in her book EURABIA, pins the big donkey tail on American-sponsored capitalist governments in Europe. After the oil shocks of 1973–in part promoted by Henry Kissinger–European governments, with US government connivance, made deals with with sundry Arab regimes–also capitalist–to relieve some of their population pressures in return for a steady supply of oil. What a handful of pseudo-Marxist academics, without state power, had to do with this lies in Pat’s own imagination.

Likewise, Pat Buchanan also blames mass immigration in the USA on legal abortion which in turn was caused by, you get it, the Frankfurt School. Yet abortion rates in this country greatly increased after Buchanan’s hero, then California Governor Ronald Reagan, signed the country’s most liberal abortion act into law. And Reagan as President, with Buchanan as an aide, quit enforcing the border with Mexico in the interests of cheap labor.

This isn’t the first time that a Republican Administration fucked over American workers. In 1971, Nixon’s Secretary of Labor George Schultz introduced the ‘Philadelphia Plan’ which called for racial quotas in the construction trades. Buchanan, part of the Nixon Regime, laughed that it would throw a monkey wrench into the Democratic Party coalition between the AFL-CIO and the NAACP. Nixon also introduced racist ‘affirmative action’ into education. They could avoid giving more money to higher education while pitting white against black. This was more effective, in this regard, than anything Saul Alinsky ever dreamed up; not to mention the Frankfurt School.

Pat Buchanan’s political antecedents are in the pre-WWII isolationist America First Committee. Most were sincerely anti-war in that they were not averse to a Nazi triumph in Europe. But, after the war, they were gung ho for the Cold War because they looked on a Russian-dominated Europe as an anathema.

They were blind to western Europe being under the Yankee thumb as much as eastern Europe was under the Russians. Yet, strange as it may sound, there would have no mass immigration or loud-mouth Imams under pro-Soviet regimes.

European nationalists like Jean Thiriart wanted to wage guerrilla war against the Yankee occupation. But while the Frankfurt School was in exile in the USA during the war, Thiriart was training with top German commando Otto Skorzeny and was jailed for collaboration after the war. That gave the new European Resistance a Far Right image. Couldn’t blame that on the Frankfurt School either.

Back to the drawing boards Pat!


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