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Pat Buchanan’s Cold War Blind Spot

buchananPatrick Buchanan waxes eloquently in his 2002 best-selling book, THE DEATH OF THE WEST. His narrative picks up in intensity as he writes of collapsing birth rates in Europe and the United States, coupled with population explosions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, which will set off, in his book’s blurb, “cataclysmic shifts in world power, as unchecked immigration swamps and polarizes every Western society and nation.”

Buchanan blames the fabled ‘counter culture’ of the Sixties for the current plight of the West. Really? I think there’s another place to look: The Cold War.

But first, Pat’s antecedents. Buchanan’s father supported the pre-World War II America First Committee. Now a lot of people supported America First–half the USA population at one point–almost every breed of cat: Socialist leader Norman Thomas, Gerald Ford, Gore Vidal, the LaFollette Progressives of Wisconsin. But the big demo support came from German-Americans and from Irish-Americans who opposed any aid to the British Empire.

After the war, these groupings helped provide a mass base of support for the Washington Regime’s Cold War Crusade. The Crusade took on a religious tone. You had Bishop Sheen with weekly talks on network TV decrying atheistic Communism. Billy Graham’s first big Crusade in 1949, pushed by the Hearst newspapers, was aimed more at godless Communism than in winning souls to Jesus. So it went.

The picture in the West was the Free World versus the Soviet Bloc. But was the this view complete? Francis Parker Yockey thought not. He said the West was under occupation by the Americans as much as the East was under the Russians. Much has been made of the police-state regimes in Eastern Europe trying to replicate the Soviet experiment by force, but what about the regimes in Western Europe? They were replicating the American model.

Here’s Francis Parker Yockey’s view of that ‘American model’ from THE ENEMY OF EUROPE:

“Europeans are familiar with America’s propaganda for export, but less familiar with its internal propaganda. This propaganda utterly dwarfs, in its scale as well as its effect, anything Europeans can readily imagine. The Washington regime’s leading internal thesis–which has not changed since 1933–is that Americans must be ‘tolerant’ of the alien elements since, after all, these aliens are ‘brothers.’ ‘Brotherhood is glorified on all public occasions, by all public officials, is taught in the schools and preached in the churches, which have been coordinated into the master-plan of the Culturally-alien Washington regime. Newspapers, books, magazines, radio, television, films–all vomit forth the same ‘Brotherhood.’ The ‘Brotherhood’ propaganda is a ghastly caricature of the Christian idea of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, but there is no religious intent to the propaganda. Its sole purpose is to destroy whatever exclusiveness, national feelings, or racial instincts may still remain in the American population after twenty years of national leprosy. The result of the ‘tolerance’ and ‘brotherhood’ campaign is that the alien enjoys a superior position in America–he can DEMAND to be ‘tolerated.’ The American can demand nothing. The tragic fact is that the attenuation of the national instincts has proceeded so far that one cannot envisage how a Nationalist Revolution would even be possible in America.”

This, Mr. Buchanan, was Francis Parker Yockey writing in 1952 after revising his original 1948 manuscript. Clearly the degeneration in America, contrary to your reasoning, can’t be blamed on a handful of Marxoid decadents from the Frankfurt School, not to mention the 300,000 or so hippies of the 1960s.

Yet, on the American-occupied side of the Iron Curtain, this was the Party Line imposed on Europe. Is it little wonder that Jean Thiriart, following Yockey, wished to raise a guerrilla army to fight the Occupation?

It was also because of the Cold War that the Washington regime embraced Free Trade and accelerated the dismantling of the European Colonial Empires. All to appease the Third World and bribe–as well as force–it to become part of what William Appleman Williams termed the “Open Door Empire.” But in extracting capital from the Third World you also extract people. Where Capital goes, Labor follows. Hence the growing horror in Europe & America under the cover of the Cold War.

Yockey hated what he termed the Twin Bolshevism of Washington & Moscow. But in terms of Culture, he felt the East was the lesser of two evils. History has proven Yockey right. Clearly something the erudite Mr. Buchanan has yet to appreciate.



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