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A Great Republican Comeback? Drive A Stake Through Their Hearts!

michelle bachman
american theocracyAll signs are pointing to a big GOP comeback in the 2010 midterm elections. A Democratic President seeming to be another Jimmy Carter in over his head. An increasingly demoralized Democratic base. An energized Republican base. A spongy Independent bloc gravitating to the GOP by default. The crisis continuing unabated.

This is quite a turn around from last January. Bush not only left office, but he let the door slam him in the ass on the way out. And the Republican Establishment which had run out of ways to betray their base was left just sputtering and stuttering.

Now the polls are giving Republicans a new lease on life. Is this warranted? Is the GOP an alternative to the multiple failures of Obama?

In his 2006 book AMERICAN THEOCRACY, former Republican strategist turned Independent, Kevin Philips showed the perils of the Bush Regime in light of history. Philips argued that every world-dominating power from ancient Rome to the British Empire was brought down by a related set of causes including global overreach, militant religion, resource shortages and ballooning debt.

Clearly, the Republican Party hierarchy is discussing none of this. As Gore Vidal once pointed out, the Republican machine has no other politics than energetic libel & slander on a monumental scale. Then again, they don’t have to. The late Revilo P. Oliver stated the truth when he talked of a great syndicate of organized crime ruling the United States. More up to date, Kinky Friedman described the competition between Democrats & Republicans as akin to that between Crips and Bloods. Competition is staged on the lower levels between Republicans & Democrats. Sick of Bush? Give them Obama. Sick of Pelosi? Give the John Boehmer. It’s all a show.

Unemployment is pulling Obama down. The GOP alternative? More of the same. Recovery requires fundamental reform of America’s economic strategy. But Republicans offer only their old conservative shibboleths: small government, cut top end taxes, free multinationals to move jobs abroad, deregulate finance, war on labor unions, trade deficits don’t matter. Except: Done this, doesn’t work. Hyman Minsky was right. The system doesn’t self-regulate but instead–on its own–tends towards excess. The best that can happen is that Wall Street eventually produces another bubble.

Beginning with Reagan, Republicans in power were military Keynesians. The crap about ‘supply-side’ was just a fig leaf. But out of power they always sound like libertarians, just as Democrats are anti-war only when out of power. So the GOP with considerable help from the Neo-con agit-prop outfit which is Fox News has done a good job of co-opting the Tea Bag movement. And so it goes.

Republicans are like the Bourbon Kings of France after they were restored following the final defeat of Napoleon. Thet forgot nothing; they learned nothing.

Pat Buchanan accused the Republican leadership of committing economic treason against American workers. Have they changed?

Pat Buchanan said Bush could be impeached for not guarding the borders. Have they changed? (Murdoch/Wall Street Journal/Fox News still advocate open borders.)

Enoch Powell once said, to pose the question is to know the answer.

Sheep are meant to be shorn.

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