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The Real Obama Agenda

obama-cartoon-711310Barack H. Obama is neither a Muslim nor a Communist. He had a father and later a step-father who were nominal Muslims, to be sure. But it seems they were more devoted to Johnny Walker than the Koran. And how about the Communist business? Practice is primary! Obama’s actual record, IN PRACTICE, is that of a counter-insurgent for finance-capital.

Time and again we’ve stated that Obama is the creature & puppet of Finance-Capital, by which we mean the Wall Street bankers and investment banks. Politically and in terms of power they’re represented by the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Skull & Bones Society, Ford Foundation and the Chicago School of Friedmanite economics.

Like his mother, Obama worked for a number of foundations, all within the orbit of the Ford Foundation. If his mother was a counter-insurgency operative who also worked for the World Bank and U.S. Agency for International Development, Obama himself could be described as a foundation-bred counter-insurgent. That is to say, Obama’s an operative in service of the US financier ruling class whose job it is to head off any challenge to the powers that be. That was Saul Alinsky’s job as well, the old divide and conquer; wreck any sort of United Front against the system.

During the campaign, Obama claimed to be a uniter. But again, practice is primary. In practice, he’s the most explosive divider the country has seen in decades. During the primaries, he split the Democratic Party. Since taking office, he’s split the US population as a whole. We see the classic fault lines of white against black, black against Hispanic, black against Asian, black against Jewish, men against women, young against old; you name it.

Webster Tarpley said before the election that giving Obama the presidency would be an act of national suicide. Well here we are.

Now the model for the country is the Democratic Party with its multicultural, politically correct crazy quilt of racial identity groups, and sexual preference lobbies, with elitist, radical environmentalist, anti-working class, and neo-Luddite elements generally having the upper hand.

We predicted before the election it would be riches for Wall Street and austerity for everyone else. The rainbow model had been a loser for the Democrats. It had led to the route of the union movement and the collapse of living standards. The Foundations had done what the Old Right could never do, split, divide, slice and dice the old FDR New Deal Coalition so it could not threaten Wall Street again.

But the Wall Street collapse combined with the multiple failures of Bush and the Republicans led to the unthinkable: Obama’s election. And here we are stuck.

Because the Tea Baggers are blind to Finance-Capital, they have no strategy but backward-looking nostalgia. They’ll end up rejuvenating the Republican Party. Whoopee! And we’ll continue to go down hill.

(The above is adapted from: BARACK H. OBAMA, THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY by Webster Tarpley. Available fro and Amazon. Interpretations are my responsibility. If I screwed up, pin the donkey tail on me alone.)



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