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European New Right–The Split That Wasn’t

urbanMalice500In a previous blog, we were all agog–no pun intended–about some new approaches by French New Right theorist Guillaume Faye. We liked his opposition to mass immigration versus what we felt were accommodations in the latest thought of Alain de Benoist. We felt ‘Holocaust denial’ a loser. And we thought some reconsideration of Israel & Zionism being the main enemy seemed to be in order. We liked what Faye had to say about a Euro-Siberian Axis. And, on that basis, rashly predicted a major split in the ranks of the European New Right, which many of us here in the States look to for theory & inspiration.

Well, it was the split that wasn’t. It appears M. Faye is quite isolated and may be consoling himself with his favorite beverage. Remember the calvary charges in the old Hollywood westerns? Well, M. Faye blew his trumpet and nobody followed.

No sooner had my blog been posted on Facebook, I received a private message from France, from Christian Bouchet. M. Bouchet is an outstanding Revolutionary Nationalist. Unlike M. Faye, he’s not just a thinker & philosopher, but a doer and activist as well. Needless to say, I have great respect and admiration for Christian Bouchet and took very seriously what he had to say. He simply said I was mis-informed on the situation in Europe.

Knowing I should have thought through my article more completely before I published it, I did some much needed research. I came across an interview in SYNTHESIS. The leading National Anarchist in Portugal, Flavio Goncalves, conducted an interview with Brigade M, the Dutch National Revolutionary band after they disbanded in 2005 after 10 years on the road. (Flavio Goncalves and I share an admiration for the late Jean Thiriart. For the record, Christian Bouchet shares that admiration.)

The interview began with Brigade M now describing themselves as Identitarians. By that they meant identity is the only bond we have, cultural, historical, ethnic. Then Brigade M added, “The fact that certain (mostly) French identitarians have called for a strong stand against Islam doesn’t make them Euro-Zionists.”

Flavio Goncalves quickly said, “I disagree.”

He then posed this question to Brigade M:

“In his latest books, Guillaume Faye attacks revisionism for being an ally of Islam which is constituted by imbeciles and claims anti-revisionist laws are bad because they end up promoting revisionism and disturbing our ‘allies’, the Jews and Israel. This type of identitarianism promotes an alliance with Zionism.”

Brigade M replied:

“Personally, I think revisionism is a very dangerous thing which will mostly lead to convictions and the public condemning otherwise good political ideas on the basis of what the mass media feeds them. On the subject of ‘our allies’ being the Zionist entity and the chosen few, they are as much an enemy to me as Muslims and Christians.”

In a previous interview, Flavio Goncalves himself had to say this to say about Guillaume Faye:

“The main propagandist of Kosher Patriotism. Trojan Horse for Zionist Israeli racism & supremacism. A lover of U.S. capitalism. Yankee-Zionist imperialism is the main enemy.”

Other sources in Europe felt M. Faye in the pay of the Israelis. Still others place him as part of the fake nationalist coalition that elected Sarko to the French Presidency. And I couldn’t find any New Rightists in Europe agreeing with Faye.

Brigade M had said of Faye: “So if Faye really turned down that road, he’s bound to be regarded as anti-European and therefore no identitarian.”

The final nail in the coffin for the view that Guillaume Faye was any longer to be considered a leading New Right theorist came from Russia. He was to be offered an editorship of a New Right journal. This would seem to be right up his alley as in his own words he’s a thinker not a doer. But after a couple brief conversations the Russians wanted nothing further to do with him.

This is a real slam for here is what Brigade M had to say about the prospects of revolution in Europe:

“No human material for revolution in Western Europe. Our saviors must come from the Eastern European peoples, who still have their pride and loyalties. But it has to come soon ’cause their youth are also being poisoned fast by Coca Cola, MTV and McDonalds.”

For our American readers it should be pointed out that Christian Bouchet is not an anti-Semite. That’s merely a slander directed at anyone who is critical of Israel and Zionism. That is, unless M. Bouchet was Jewish and critical of Zionism as an increasing number are, then he’d be labeled a self-hating Jew! Slander replaces debate.

Anyway, the split it seems was Guillaume Faye’s alone.



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