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The Spaghetti Theory of Conspiracy

conspiracy(from Robert Anton Wilson)

It is characteristic of the primitive conditions on this backward planet that virtually nobody knows any of the basic facts about how the human race is actually governed. For instance–

1. Governments are not as nearly important as most people think. Since we live in a post-barter economy–a money economy–those who control the money supply effectively control the planet. Governments gave up all attempt to coin or control money in the 19th century, mostly because they did not trust one another, i.e. no nation had faith that the coinage or currency of another nation was really worth what it claimed to be worth. The great international Banks stepped into this vacuum and, by demonstrating more fiscal rectitude than governments had in the past, became the creators of money in the modern world.

After the banks had control, they no longer needed to be quite so prim in their fiscal rectitude. Nobody could challenge them.

This means that governments cannot do anything–good or ill, wise or foolish–unless the banks first lend them the money for the project. The power is in the banks. The governments survive on permission of the banks. If the banks cut off their credit, governments die. Any government that resists has its credit cut off and dies.

Buckminster Fuller: In the modern world, banks act and governments only re-act to the situations the bankers have ordained.

In other words, as soon as the great multi-national banks had control of the money supply, they saw that they could manipulate cash and credit to maximize profits. While these financiers quite sanely and legally maximize profits, the rest of us are at their mercy; but we never elected them to this position of power, and, by and large, we do not even know who they are.

2. In the present decade, it costs nearly a billion dollars to run for the Presidency, 20 million for the Senate, 5 million and up for the House. This means that the USA–strongest country in the West–is not only ‘owned’ (in the trillion dollar debt to) the banks, but also governed by people who are either (a) millionaires or (b) heavily in debt to millionaires.

3. As Edward Luttwak documents in his cheerfully Machiavellian little text, COUP D’ETAT, more governments have been changed since World War II by the coup d’etat than by any other method. More governments have been changed by coup than by all the democratic elections and revolutions combined.

Since every coup is by definition a conspiracy, this means that conspiracies have had more effect on the past 60 years of history than by all the electoral politics and all the popular revolutions added together. That is rather ominous in a period when ‘educated’ opinion holds that it is infamous, nutty, eccentric or downright paranoid to think about conspiracies at all. We are, in effect, forbidden to think about how the planet is actually governed.

4. If governments cannot act without permission of the banks–without loans or ‘lines of credit’ granted by the banks–and if the US government is ‘owned’ by the billionaire banking & corporate elite, and if other governments are, more often than not, changed by conspiratorial coup, the major portion of humanity is economically-politically controlled by persons who are largely unknown to the general public and/or have never been elected to any office. Democratic theory is beautiful and inspirational, but has nothing to do with the actual situation of the domesticated primates of this boondocks planet.

5. If the masses of the planet are politically-economically controlled by shadowy financiers and conspiratorial adventurers, the same masses are intellectually controlled by persons who are more visible but equally unpalatable to the Rationalist view of history. In blunt language, 300 years after the Age of Reason was prematurely announced, most people in most nations most of the time are mentally in total bondage to religious leaders who operate on the basis of claims that cannot be proven and appear clearly insane to everybody who hasn’t been raised within their frameworks.

It is quite clear from the above that the human race is largely governed politico-economically by unknown financial cliques and criminal scoundrels and governed intellectually by borderline psychotics and charlatans.

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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

3 responses to “The Spaghetti Theory of Conspiracy

  1. Aquila ⋅

    You have an interesting viewpoint. It reminds me of your fellow vet Tom Chittum’s, but you’re a much better writer.

  2. Ismail ibn Ali al Sadiq ⋅

    Pretty good, but your determining definition of those who wield power seems strangely reductive, after the patttern of misunderstood Democratic Vistas. Whitman, after all, told his socialistic nurse that he “liked people with money” in preparation for attending a party rife with them. In the end, everyone possesses power. Most of us limit it to local exertion. Pick up that rock, etc. What bankers do is suddenly something else, ie., that you might have mentioned fractional reserve creation of money. Bankers, in other words, proliferate, but give birth to nothing. That’s what nations are for: To build and stabilize the walls of the pussy. You might ask, WHAT pussy? So you see . . . who is, anymore, a functional nationalist? Look to a different architectonic.

  3. mauryk2 ⋅

    I was re-printing views from the late Robert Anton Wilson. On nationalism: As a partisan of Francis Parker Yockey, I believe the Age of Vertical Nationalism or Petty Nationalism is over. We’re in the time of continental blocs. I think USA should confine itself to Western Hemisphere.

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