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National Bolshevik Party USA–The Struggle Against Globalization

naz bol wowThe NBP is defined by its opposition to globalization, for it is through this social, economic and political process that the people of all nations are losing their rights and the power to control their own lives. The domination of the world’s economic and political process by a small group of people and organizations is restricting the freedom of individuals of every nation and territory, and we see this as a violation of their human rights. Our opposition to globalization is a primary factor in our foreign and immigration policies.

The NBP calls for:

The withdrawal of US troops from all foreign countries, and an end to US involvement in military alliances such as NATO.

The withdrawal of all military aid to corrupt regimes.

The withdrawal of US support for trade agreements or organizations that seek to exploit less developed countries and which benefit only a small number of economic elites. The US, then, would no longer support the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, or the World Trade Organization.

A withdrawal from the United Nations.

Fair and limited trade trade with other countries, with sectors of the economy necessary for our defense or the standard of living of our people being developed as much as possible within our own borders. This is to prevent foreign events from having a devastating impact on our economy.

A peacful foreign policy based on respecting the sovereignty of other states’ borders and rights.

Restoring our ties with Europe will also be a priority.

Severe limits on immigration, with the understanding that it is in the interest of business elites to have a poor immigrant class who they can exploit for inexpensive labor. Mass immigration leads to cultural conflict and does nothing to stop the economic ruin many Third World countries are in.

Maintaining the limited sovereignty of Native American reservations, granting independence to occupied territories like Puerto Rico, and nationalizing foreign-owned businesses within the United States.

Our ideology calls for respect and the preservation of heritage, not the Darwinian racism of National Socialism, so we will not seek to economically exploit or dominate South America.

In protecting our borders, the soldiers we will recall from foreign countries who are not demobilized will be used to patrol them.

(This is Excerpted from the Platform of the National Bolshevik Party USA. This particular grouping expired about three years ago. This is reprinted for purposes of critique and discussion.)



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