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National Bolshevik Party USA–Ideology

nazbol girl3This document sets forth the ideological foundations for the National Bolshevik Party of the United States of America. It also lays out the Party’s vision for the United States, and what specific political, economic and social policies it supports and will actively struggle for.

National Bolshevism is both a rational and spiritual opposition to the global system of capitalism. Its very name brings together two ideas which are often seen as contradictory, but which are in actuality both necessary for the creation of a stable and just society. Nationalism and socialism are each collectivist ideologies which are  very easily connected. Nationalism places pride in one’s nation and loyalty to a state that adequately represents it as being of primary importance, while socialism is a system primarily defined by the collective ownership of the means of production.

National Bolshevism derives its reason for existence upon resistance to the current “system”, its economic institutions, its political structures, and its leaders. However, in recognizing that the current system is unworthy of representing the people forced to live under it, National Bolshevism puts forth positive ideals which stand in contrast to it. National Bolshevism promotes a society of honor and freedom. This ideal stands in direct opposition to the system of capitalism that currently exists in the United States and which dominates the world’s economic system through its exploitation of other countries’ resources and people.

We wish to see a country that is largely self sufficient and which takes pride in its unique culture.

We stress the struggle for the creation of a government whose main function is to act as a catalyst for the improvement of people’s lives, while symbolically representing the culture of the Nation. This national culture has been primarily shaped by European culture and traditions, and National Bolshevism wishes to preserve and encourage the progressive elements of this culture within the context of the struggle for social justice.

Worldwide capitalism is creating a single world culture through its lowering of the barriers between countries. The borders of a county are sacred in that they provide a reference point for the Ideal which the people are to unite around. While nationalism is often defined as loyalty to one’s race or ethnicity, National Bolshevism places more importance on geopolitics and the respecting of sovereign states’ rights. We wish to see a world of many cultures, and will also respect the many cultures which exist within the United States itself, promoting the tolerant elements of our heritage.

In calling for socialism, National Bolshevism does not advocate Marxism. Our ideology is fundamentally different in that it does not see the rise of the proletariat as the inevitable result of capitalism, and does not hold the view that “the working man has no country”. Within our borders we wish to socialize the commanding heights of the economy and create an economic system that provides for its people, rather than allowing the business elites to control the country’s economic and political life. Our socialism stems from our nationalist outlook, in that an economic system based on equality and the distribution of wealth to those who helped create it is the best possible economic system for the people as a whole. That is, the Nation is best served through a socialist economic system.

(This is excerpted from the Platform of the National Bolshevik Party USA which expired about three years ago. It’s reprinted for purposes of debate and discussion.)

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2 responses to “National Bolshevik Party USA–Ideology

  1. Comradely greetings! The newly founded ‘National People’s Party in the U.K.’ IS a National Bolshevik party seeking to federate with similar parties worldwide. I think you will find the main focus of of the NPP’s platform – on the nature of money and the international banking mafia – both interesting and highly relevant to both the UK and USA today. I look forward to hearing from you!

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