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Tea Bag Protests Are Not Racist!

Bulls-BallsThe tea bag protests are not racist because their origins preceded the Obama regime or even Barack Obama’s election. The real origins date back to the Wall Street melt down beginning in September of 2008 and the response of the Bush-Cheney regime. It was this Republican administration which proposed and sponsored the Wall Street bailout.

Bush’s Treasury Secretary, a Goldman Sachs alum, could think of no other approach other than to keep slopping the hogs.

There was a broad outcry in the country against the bailout. It would have failed any referendum with maybe up to 80% opposition. The anger cut across party lines, sections of the country, ethnic groups, et al. You can’t downplay the rage spanning the USA of seeing Main Street being gutted to pay for the follies of the Wall Street.

To add insult to injury, there was no viable alternative in the presidential election with both McCain & Obama having voted for the bailout. The one minor blip election night came in Indiana & North Carolina where enough disaffected conservatives voted for Bob Barr on the Libertarian ticket to throw those states to Obama.

A majority of people across the country were doubly mad, Howard Beale-style mad even, because there seemed to be no viable avenue open to channel their rage. (Notice: We haven’t mentioned race once.)

This was to change after the election. First, the election of a Democrat deep in the pockets of Wall Street–however ultra-left he might be on culture–to oversee the actual bailout. Secondly, conservative leadership of the developing protests was assured when the one politician outside the ‘accepted mainstream’ and ‘bipartisan consensus’ was libertarian-minded Republican Congressman Ron Paul. He won the leadership by default as the Left dropped their drawers and bent over for Obama.

Note: There is nothing racist about Ron Paul personally; there is nothing racial in his political appeal.

The Left  should have taken leadership of the protest movement. After all, the Wall Street meltdown took place on the Republican’s watch. It showed the ultimate folly of conservative economics: Borrow and spend instead of tax and spend; something that had gone on since Reagan.

But the Left was so caught up in the mania surrounding the novelty of electing a black man to high office, that everything else was put aside. And after the  election, Dennis Kucinich, the Democrat’s equivalent to Ron Paul, was marginalized, for the same reason.

That’s the  protest history in a nutshell; nothing racial about it.



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