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Obama, Saul Alinsky & the Strategy of Counterinsurgency

che-evilWe’ve constantly stressed that Barack Obama is a Trilateral Commission puppet and Manchurian candidate. And behind the Illinois Messiah’s lemming legions and Kool-Aid cult fanatic following there’s the iron fist of the Trilateral-Bilderberger cabal.

We quoted with approval Webster Tarpley’s analysis, based on Machiavelli, of the Obama campaign being a project of plutocrats and urban bankers at the top, mobilizing the city mob at the bottom, along with excitable youth, against the middle-class, under extreme crisis conditions. We stand by this analysis.

Yet the reactionary Right insists on calling Obama some kind of radical, communist or socialist–I think they’re afraid to say nigger–and cite as proof his supposed immersion in the organizing tactics of the late Saul Alinsky.

My introduction to Alinsky was after my return from Vietnam. I was bitter & wanted change. It wouldn’t come from the traditional American Right which was fat, dumb and happy; fully enamored with Nixon and the Vietnam War. And it wouldn’t come from the American Left, dominated as it was by alienists–Joe Sobran’s term–who were indeed alienated from their own country and its European majority. So I resolved that I would have to organize a new type of movement beyond left & right.

That’s when I bought Alinsky’s book, RULES FOR RADICALS. It was a piece of rinky-dink junk. Absolutely nothing practical at all. It was an immersion course in spinning your wheels. I threw the piece of shit away.

Here’s how Tarpley describes Alinsky’s “method.”:

“Alinsky had told his agitators to bring people to the ‘realization’ that they are indeed miserable, that this misery is the fault of unresponsive governments or greedy corporations. (This is already absurd, since it is the economic breakdown crisis itself that radicalizes those who experience it. The task of an organizer is to develop strategy & programs to allow a popular movement to challenge the financier elite at the highest level–state power, not petty community control or local control, where defeat is always guaranteed.) The task of the agitator is then to help them to bond together to demand what they deserve, and to agitate so energetically that governments and corporations will see ‘self-interest’ in granting the demands of the local agitators.”

Tarpley goes on:

“The best term for Saul Alinsky was that he was a counter-insurgent, quite independent of his personal understanding of the matter. Alinsky’s community organizing specified that people ought to be organized locally and on the basis of the lowest common denominator, usually some local petty grievance. Alinsky was obsessed with everything that was fragmented, parochial, localistic, balkanized, sub-divided neighborhood by neighborhood, precinct by precinct, block by block. None of his groups would be in contact with any others. They would not act politically, would not support candidates.

“Each of these tiny groups would be fragmented and impotent and helpless in a real emergency, like a depression, a war or a police state. In fact, sometimes Alinsky groups would fight each other, such as whites versus blacks. Sometimes Alinsky’s methods won some trifling local concession, but often the yield was nil. The more common outcome was the local organizers became demoralized by a long series of defeats, and drifted off into boredom, despair and de-politicalization.”

Saul Alinsky, in his head, might have felt he was hammering away at the system, tiny blow by tiny blow. But, in practice, his methods kept the opposition to the reign of finance-Capital divided, localized and impotent. And many a potentially skilled agitator/organizer was burned out and de-politicized. Foundation money well spent. The old divide-and-conquer.

Obama himself? It seems he was recruited and they were building a resume for him. For example, a Nader group hired him to organize at the City University of New York. Did they have him agitate among black students on ‘race issues’? After all, he had an affinity for the anti-White ideologue Frantz Fanon. But that wouldn’t be good on a resume for a future political campaign beyond the ghetto. So they had him organizing blacks around the need for re-cycling. That went no where on campus but pleased the liberal white suburbanites contributing to Nader campaigns and it looked good on the resume.

So much for Obama the organizer and Saul Alinsky his supposed mentor.


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