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National Bolshevik Party USA

The National Bolshevik Party USA was a short-lived political grouping that tried to translate the success of the Russian National Bolshevik Party to the USA.

What went wrong? I don’t know; they were gone before I could make a connection. There is a remnant apparently left in Florida. But they are inactive and don’t seem to be serious.

I think their troubles probably started with the name, ‘Bolshevik’ , which is obscure to people under 40 and scary to those over 60. Anti-communism which is usually strongest when actual communists are weakest is particularly rife right now.If you can’t find real communists, you invent them. Thus we have the nonsense of Obama–who was picked & groomed by the likes of Brzezinski, backed by a cabal of materialist gangsters on Wall Street–being  labeled a ‘communist’ despite being vaguely ‘left’ only in the cultural sphere. (But the Left had already triumphed here which is why multiculturalism is in; populism & nationalism are out.) But in economics he’s Chicago school where, despite the rhetoric of Milton Friedman, the bankers rule and he’s with the NeoCons on foreign policy. Dare we call him the mulatto Bush?

In Russia, what became the National Bolshevik Party was started by Alexandr Dugin, best known today as leader of the International Eurasian Movement which the National Renaissance Party supports. Dugin recruited the avant-garde writer Eduard Limonov as a media person.

Limonov had a flair for publicity. Just think of the provocative party flag. From a distance, people would see the red field with a white circle and expect to see a swastika. Afterall, the NBP was an ultranationalist party. But, bingo! There was the black hammer & sickle, showing this was an ultra party with a radical program willing to take the best of the Soviet period under Stalin after he purged the old cosmopolitan & alien elements from the Bolshevik Party in the Thirties. (That’s what the purges were all about).

But this experience can’t be mechanically transposed to the USA. An American Left which has long written off the white working class wouldn’t be interested. And a brain dead American Right weighted down by religious obscurantism and paying lip service to McKinley economics would be horrified. Little wonder the first stab at a National Bolshevik Party USA ran aground.

We nationalist revolutionaries have to base ourselves on our own traditions. Like Francis Parker Yockey, take the side of Alexander Hamilton and later Henry Clay against Jefferson and Jackson. Twenty-five years ago Gore Vidal said a neo-Clayite politics/economics could sweep the country.

We would support the North in the Civil War. We would embrace ALL of Lincoln including his social views on race relations. We would continue the American System views of Clay as advanced by Henry Carey and Friedrich List.

At the same time we would oppose the Reconstruction imposed on the South. We would support the original intent of Lincoln, later advanced by Andrew Johnson. We would oppose the Radical Republicans in their attempt to Impeach & remove Johnson. We would support the Democrats here while opposing their Jeffersonian ideas. (In 1868, Governor Horatio Seymour of New York, the Democratic candidate for President, campaigned on the slogan “This a white man’s country. Let’s keep it that way.”)

We would support the best of the New Deal while keeping in mind the critiques of Long, Coughlin & Townsend. We would have been in America First along with the LaFollettes and John T. Flynn.

After the war, we would have supported Robert Taft on foreign policy while backing Truman on the domestic side except on civil rights.

That is a more sound basis for Revolutionary Nationalist policies today.



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