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Democratic Civil War?

new_mapBack in March of 2006, know-it-all NeoCon David Brooks gave his “suggestions” for a successful Democratic strategy in the off year elections of 2006.

He said:

Run as a smiling Democratic-Buchananite.

Attack the Dubai ports deal to burnish your national security credentials.

Call for less foreign adventurism and for more spending at home to win the Democratic base.

Go hard against illegal immigration to win the working class.

Rail against China and free trade deals to build support in the Midwest.

Bash France for the fun of it!

Actually, this is a pretty good program. Pat Buchanan’s program of economic nationalism & cultural traditionalism is popular with the remaining white working class base of the Democrats. China, free trade, illegal immigration, Dubai ports deal were all very unpopular among the white working class.

But, of course, Brooks as a NeoCon believed in none of this. He was vetting his frustrations as everything was pointing to a Democratic year. Brooks, like most of his ilk, was a neo-conservative because of foreign policy (read Israel). He was indifferent to illegal immigration despite the national security implications. The Middle East was the center of the world for him.

What really scared Brooks–other than any Democratic affinity for Buchanan whom Brooks has called his mortal enemy–was the white working class’s growing disenchantment with Iraq War with  both Pat Buchanan & Bob Novack calling that war one primarily for Israeli security–and they’re REAL conservatives. Brooks, like most NeoCons, only paid enough lip service to the conservative agenda to attain camouflage to win acceptance in Republican ranks. They took over the party–read Eric Cantor.

But the NeoCon capture of the GOP would do them little good if the Democrats staged a big comeback. Here’s where Brooks came. The man who was supposed to supply conservative balance in the Op-Ed pages of the New York Times, began spending a lot of column inches extolling the then little known Barack Obama.

Why? To pose the question is to know the answer. If it’s going to be a Democratic year, make sure it’s the right kind of Democrat. None of that foolishness about cracking down on illegal immigration, bashing China and “free trade”. But most of all get a candidate right on Israel who also, like the Clintons, was content to let the investment bankers continue their strangle hold on the US economy.

That candidate couldn’t be Hilary Clinton because she possessed so many negatives half the country wouldn’t vote for her on a bet. And magically, Hilary’s New Politics base left her for in Identity Politics race trumps gender.

But Hilary kept fighting. When slick lawyer John Edwards who had been courting the white working class was forced out of the race by the National Enquirer, Hilary inherited his support. The ex-Goldwater girl became a latter day champion of the working class–rhetoric only; she was as anti-labor as nominal husband Bill. (Mainly her support came, aside from a remnant of 1st-wave feminist burnouts, from the fact she wasn’t Obama. The Scots-Irish, America’s largest unrecognized ethnic group, of which I’m a part of , had a profound distaste for Obama.)

We now know David Brooks didn’t get the REAL Democrat he feared. He got his Joe Lieberman in blackface. The change has proven to be no change; Bush III.

But that white working class base of the Democrats hasn’t gone away. Ohio was the first Obama state where his support went under 50%. The brain dead Republicans might even stage a big comeback in 2010 as many Democratic voters sit out the election as they did in 1994.

As in the Republican Party, you have a Party Establishment at war with its own base.

Now’s the time to mount a REAL New Deal/neo-Clayite opposition to Obama. William McKinley economics is NOT an alternative.


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