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European Liberation Front

The European Liberation Front was founded in the UK in late 1948/early 1949 by Francis Parker Yockey and his associates. It was the first group anywhere to have ‘liberation front’ as part of its name.

The key ideas came from THE PROCLAMATION OF LONDON written by Yockey and available on the Net at the Francis Parker Yockey Collection. It is a summary of Yockey’s magnum opus IMPERIUM.

Among the planks in the 12 plank platform were:

Liberation of Britain & Europe from the reign of the inner-Traitor and the outer-Enemy.

Integration of liberated Britain into the sovereign European People-Nation-State.

Immediate expulsion of all Culture-distorters & other parasitic aliens from the Soil of Europe.

Abolition of unearned income.

Establishment of the Organic State.

No mass movement was possible at that time.

So the aim was to create an elite nucleus in each of the lands of the western Imperium.

Founding an Order,
secret of necessity,
of the Elite of our Idea,
within the Imperium,
to secure the adherence of highly placed people
in all the Western lands.


We would add the following today:

What Yockey advocates is not to be confused with the European Union of finance-Capital–what James Madole called the Gold Internationale–or the Globalist schemes of the New World Order.

Internationalism is a crock of warmed-up, left-over crap for slobs & boobs called the people,

pushed by fat-cat businessmen, illuminated bankers, cretinous educators and the tribal descendents of King Bulan.

Internationalism seeks to mongrelize the races, to compress all of us into soul-less, amorphous, opaque human beings.

What about nationalism? We oppose narrow state nationalism.
A narrow, provincial state nationalism of flag-waving has been promoted for years by war merchants & political profiteers.

The hideous fiasco in Vietnam convinced the cream of our white youth to spill their blood fighting Bolshevist Asiatics on behalf of non-Bolshevist Asiatics. (We won’t mention Iraq, Afghanistan or the coming war the Israelis are dragging us into against Iran.)

Narrow state nationalism brought about the Peloponnesian Wars which resulted in the destruction of Greece in its Golden Age of Nordic Culture.

Think of the Thirty Years War. The European Civil War (WWI & WWII) from which Europe never recovered. Xenophobia within The White Family is multiplied.

This is not the case with the Negroid calling for all-out race war–we’ve had a one-sided race war going on some 40 years now–and ready for it. They have no past differences with other Negroids to cause disunity.

When the time comes, he will paint ‘soul’ on his shop windows and grab his machete.

For his part, Francis Parker Yockey, a genius ahead of his time, after his experiences with the American Right, the stupidest Right in the world–just look at the brain-dead Republicans and deluded “libertarians”–felt the Liberation of Europe would have to precede the Liberation of America. We may have to reverse that.

The National Renaissance Party endorses the above.



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