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Patriotic Party Platform 1966

The Patriotic Party was led by Robert DePugh, founder of the Minutemen, then a small paramilitary group located in Missouri.

The platform presents a detailed plan for the transition from the present situation (1966) to one in which the extreme right holds political power.

The Patriotic Party platform demonstrates that even the most virulent of anti-communists looked to positive change beyond simply ridding the country of communists.

Political Platform of the Patriotic Party
(relevant extracts)

Whereas the sovereignty of our nation and the liberty of its citizens are in grave & immediate danger; the officers, candidates and members of the Patriotic Party advocate the following emergency measures:

Genuinely loyal, patriotic & pro-American candidates must be elected to federal, state & local offices as fast as humanly possible.

As soon as as a Patriotic President can be elected, he should create & appoint committees made up of private citizens, well-known for their loyalty, integrity & administrative ability to supervise and put into effect the further measures listed in this platform.

Regarding National Defense, our Armed Forces should be put on an immediate alert to guard against surprise attack by any foreign aggressor.

The Armed Forces of the United States now stationed in Europe and Asia should be returned to the Western Hemisphere.

The military installations existing within the territories of the United States which have been closed should be re-opened, modernized and additional installations be prepared where needed.

All relationships between this nation and other nations should be designed first, to protect the freedom, prosperity and security of our own citizens; secondly, to strengthen & encourage worthy allies; and, third, to work toward the eventual freedom of captive nations.

This nation should immediately withdraw from the United Nations, re-claim the land on which the UN building is constructed and deport all foreign personnel now working for the UN in this country.

The Monroe Doctrine must be enforced.

The government should buy back the Federal Reserve System as has been provided by law.

The right “to coin money and regulate the value thereof” should be returned to Congress as the Constitution provides.

All money now in circulation as Federal Reserve Notes should be re-called in an orderly manner and United States Notes should be issued in their place.

The entire mechanism whereby the National Debt has been acquired should be declared null & void as an illegal contract. Payment of interest on the National Debt should be stopped at once.

A computation of past interest paid on this debt should be made and that amount deducted from the balance owed to the Federal Reserve System, other agencies of government, international bankers, etc.

In most cases it will be found that the interest alread paid exceeds the amount originally owed.

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