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GOP Establishment Winning Republican Civil War

Did you notice how all of a sudden all of the ‘leading contenders’ for the 2012 Republican nomination are from the Establishment and not the restless rank & file?

What’s the difference you may ask?

Take NAFTA. The Republican rank & file are becoming increasingly dis-enchanted. Yet it was Republicans in Congress who put it through with most Democrats in the House voting against it. And, lest we forget, NAFTA was the brainchild of George Herbert Walker Bush. W’s successor as Texas Governor, Rick Perry, is a chief promoter of the NAFTA Super Highway.

Immigration. The Republican ranks are hostile to uncontrolled immigration–both legal & illegal. After all, it’s changing America and folks never had a voice in it. And it’s dooming the GOP as presently constituted, even Texas where Anglos are  now a minority.

The Republican Establishment? In 1996, the Wall Street Journal, voice of the GOP Establishment, in an editorial advocated a 5 word Amendment to the Constitution: “There shall be open borders.” The Journal is now owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation which also owns Fox News. Don’t count on a Globalist like Murdoch to rescind the editorial.

The Establishments of both parties are at war with their base. A majority of Democrats oppose unrestricted “free trade”. Yet the late sainted Ted Kennedy was as much a free trader as Bush.

Now the web is full of calls to get back at Obama by voting Republican. Who got us into this mess in the first place? The establishments of BOTH parties. When the Dubai ports deal started going South, the government there hired those two old political whores Bill Clinton & Bob Dole to try and salvage the deal. And another establishment whore, Rush Limbaugh, was forced by his listenership to temporarily suspend his duties as being as self-described “water carrier” for Bush.

We could go on but why bother?

In the Presidential contest, there seemed to be only one feeble challenge to the GOP establishment, that being Sarah Palin. But her chances have hit the rocks. Just as Obama was foisted on the Democrats, watch a Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich foisted on the Republicans.



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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

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